Why Misheard Lyrics are Good for You

This made me really chuckle, since it’s quite often that me and my girls will often add our own ‘spice’ (i.e., lyrics) to songs. What’s even better is when my 7 yr. old is laughing histaricly at something but admits she has no idea what it means but its funny anyway. Sometimes adding your own spice makes a song better anyway, in my humble opinion. So, you know who you are… I’m no lyric police but let’s ‘Hit the Pea Square’!


Sports (Huey Lewis and the News album) Sports (Huey Lewis and the News album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption

Kim Kircher

Misheard lyrics are high on my awesome-o-meter. This is especially true when other people mishear lyrics, and I catch them doing it. But it is equally awesome when I finally realize the real words to a song. You mean, it’s not Stairway to Kevin’s? Why didn’t someone tell me that earlier? That makes so much more sense now.

I also love the humanity of misheard lyrics. We’ve all had the words wrong to a song before. Even those of us that memorized the lyrics from the album jacket of every new record we bought from Tower Records. One song always slips through, taunting us with a jumbled verse that we usually mumble along with while driving in the car. Then someone hears you and opens their eyes wide in astonishment. “Did you just say, ‘Let’s pee in the corner, let’s pee in the spotlight’?”

That’s when you laugh nervously…

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