Vacation, its about time

What do you do, when you can barely make it out of bed to get on with your day? Time to plan for a vakay!

5 Signs your ready for a vacation

1. Your mentally daydreaming at work of being anywhere but at work 5 days a week.
2. Your legs glow in the dark white in the absence of any vitamin D
3. You crave the alcohol drinks and/or food of your favorite vacation spots
4. You have a lazy day every weekend consecutively because your mentally drained
5. Your buying lottery tickets more frequently

“Vacation is what you take when you can’t take what you’ve been taking any longer.”
Erma Bombeck

The definition of vacation is getting away from your everyday life. Does that mean you must travel? No certainly not, but it makes you take in other views to disconnect from your everyday life. Its not always necessary for overnight stays but again it’s about getting you out of the everyday and typically you need a couple of days to get that mental break and obtain perspective.

Vacations provide many benefits and it’s underrated by many. The below link from: by Chris Blank details the following benefits:

Health Benefits
Creativity and Innovation Benefits
Economic and Productivity Benefits

Sometimes you need to recharge the batteries. Vacation benefits are real and summer time is a great time to vacation, although so are the fall and winter too… actually any time is a good time!

Are you in need of vacation? Tell me and share where your favorite vacation spots are.


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