Uni-Tasker Is Not an Ugly Word

“They threw rocks at him and called him a multi-tasker!  Can you believe it?  Like anyone can do more than one thing at a time successfully, give me a break.  Who do they think he is some super computer robot?” She said sarcastically.

He gave her a cross look as he finished his text message while listening to her drone on about his driving, in suggestion she had gone to far. “It must have been user error”

Smelling the roses
Smelling the roses (Photo credit: Ed.ward)
  • How many web tabs and programs do you have open right now? What other distractions are around you?
  • Have you said “I’m listening” to a friend and/or colleague while simultaneously typing a text message or reading an e-mail?

Part of the blame is the culture that’s been created from the attitude “I need it now”. People who think they are great at multitasking are usually the worst at it.  The reason is that they are less likely to realize the mistakes they are making.  Practice DOES NOT make perfect when doing several things at once. If there is a continuous speed to switching to and fro in a task, you lose the ability to think strategically and solve complex issues.  You will miss the scent of the proverbial rose sort of speak.

Take the time for yourself and others to know when to stop multitasking, that is the important skill to master!

So how will you avoid falling into the black hole of multi-tasking?

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