Are Self-Publishers Lazy?

Interesting blog for my fellow writers (click link below)! I haven’t given a lot of thought to self publishing versus query submissions with a bonafide publisher as of yet.  That said, I have read self published series/novels/short stories on my kindle and even follow a few authors with great enjoyment.  For me it’s about the story not the marketing, case in point I never got into the Hunger Games or 50 Shades of Gray although I did sample a few chapters (love love love that kindle option!).  What’s your stance on this? Lastly, let’s help out a fellow author and check out the short story!!

Are Self-Publishers Lazy?.

2 thoughts on “Are Self-Publishers Lazy?”

  1. iBook also offers the chapter previews, but maybe not on all the titles. I’ve only used it 1-3 times. Self-publishing is hard, only because of the marketing aspect. If you’re going to self-publish and want thousands of others even know about your title, consider yourself a marketer. It’s not easy to be both a publisher & a marketer. I know from experience. I’d say it’s about the equivalent of jumping off a cliff and having to scream the name of your title till you hit rock bottom. And, then when you’re ready to get up again, you’ve got to make sure you still have a voice. There is definitely no instant gratification in commercial publishing either. There are politics and business controlling your/it’s every move. Both are a challenge. For me, I prefer to be in control, even if I am going to fall short or make mistakes – because it’s all part of making me better at it anyways.

    Just read “Are Self-Publishers Lazy?” and LOVED it! From my perspective, writers waiting for publishing houses are the lazy. They are counting on someone else to do their bidding. In today’s age, we have almost everything we need to get feedback as well as promote ourselves without a anyone else doing it for us. Anyone ready to self-publish is eager, wants to learn and wants to see how far they can even take it. Also, I disagree that money can’t buy you success… actually, if you have a lot of it and know what you’re doing, it can.


    1. Thanks Colleen, certainly an interesting topic. I do think the publishing houses add value and while submitting a writer is concentrating on what they do best – write. I’d like to think I could self promote to some degree but then time is lost in churning out that next story while someone/team is getting the goods to the masses. It’s all strategy really – maybe self publishing is the door opener, for the next step in getting that break. I wouldn’t count any of it out but I do feel there is a time and place for the best strategy for building a career versus a fulfilling hobby.


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