Gimmee a RC Cola and a Moon Pie

English: A Moon Pie made by the Chattanooga Ba...

In my first few years of marriage to my lovely husband he received a gift from my family at Christmas one year.  It was a tee-shirt that said “RC Cola and Moon Pie, It’s a Southern Thing”.  The gesture that indoctrinated my mid-west hubby into the southern state of mind.  I am not completely sure of the origin but guessing the song “Gimmee a RC Cola and a Moon Pie” certainly started the trend back in the 1950s.

It’s usually around the fall season when I start thinking about that chocolate, graham cracker, marshmallow goodness.  I haven’t drank RC cola in years, but have a enjoyed a Moon Pie on a recent occasion.  Certainly the taste does pair well with a caramel colored soda beverage of your choosing.  RC cola is a little harder to come by up here in the Northeast where I am currently living.

I remember as a kid visiting family in Chattanooga, TN (home of the Moon Pie) and getting these as a treat.  Fond memories joking and goofing with my cousin’s at my Granny’s house.  One year as an adult, my Grandpa (Papa Joe) sent me a box of Moon Pies for Christmas.  Much to the chagrin of my Mother that was the year I learned Moon Pies come in all kinds of flavors – go figure the evolving adolescent tastes of the Moon Pie connoisseur.

There are similar versions of Moon Pie in the Northeast called Mallomars and Wagon Wheels.  I am guessing they are good treats as well, however, there’s only room for one in my southern lil heart.

Are you a Moon Pie lover?  If so what’s your flavor? Or is there another regional goody you were brought up to enjoy?

Looking forward to your comments & the discussion

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