They called it Puppy Love

We have a new family member in our house hold.  He is the most precious boy and I love him to pieces – his tail, floppy ears, sensitive eyes, all of it!  We named him Finn but on my moments of true endearment you will catch me calling him Bubba. I am not sure why, maybe it’s somewhere deep in my southern roots that only a special one can handle the name Bubba appropriately.  He knows that Bubba is special, Finn is the identifier, but Bubba gets the belly rubbed and ears scratched.  As you may note from his picture he’s a yellow labrador retriever – an oh so adorable.

I grew up with dogs in my home as a child but it’s been sometime since I’ve had a dog full time in the house.  There are so many ‘how to’ books and shows on how to prepare and train the perfect puppy.  I find the Dog Whisper inspiring with the silent dog psychology and how you mentally approach training.  What I wasn’t prepared for was what Finn is teaching me everyday.  Here is a quick short list:

  • Naps are recharging
  • Patience is a virtue, repetition is key
  • Diet control is important
  • Exercise is important mentally and physically

These points above are not rocket science; but ensuring that another is keeping to this structure to grow up healthy and happy is a reminder for yourself.  I have been apply these teaching to my writing, my day job and my personal life in the last week.  It’s not always easy and maybe its the nurturer in me to serve others before my self, but I’m testing that balance and enjoying the adventure.

Are you giving yourself structure to live the best life you can?

Comment, Discuss, Share – I look forward to hearing from you.

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