More Than a Paycheck

I came across an article this week that really spoke to me (see the link below).  In summary it’s about your work being more than a paycheck.

What Employees Appreciate More Than a Paycheck | Fox Business.

How can company’s and manager’s really empower their people?  What makes work enjoyable and meaningful to you?

I enjoyed this article by Steve Tobak, and propose a few additional pieces for consideration:

Build social capital by employee engagement – Give people the opportunity to be heard, seriously heard.  It’s a culture of inclusion and many company’s and manager’s miss this key piece.  How many meetings have you been to recently, where the leader of the meeting lectures the entire meeting time, but states they want questions and interaction? Are they really facilitating that culture? People are smart they can spot in-sincereness a mile away.  Allow a culture, where, as a leader you are not the star of the show – support your people and allow them to network and build camaraderie. Value positions at all levels.

Invest & development of employee skill sets – This doesn’t mean that you have to invest budget all the time to further development of your people.  Be creative, taking opportunities for mentoring / coaching programs.  Free training (i.e., You-Tube, Webinar’s) and develop lunch-n-learns where people can share lessons learned and new tricks of the trade.  If you can invest with your budget, then do it.  Everyone wins, as the company gains a higher skilled employee; the employee obtains the value of the company investment of their growth = loyalty.

imagesAs a follower of Marie Forleo ( , and yes I drink her cool-aid and have developed that fire in my soul from her mantra too, ‘build a business and a life you love’.  Sometimes, work however is work, in order to earn a living and enjoy those personal gratification’s that only earning money can allow, maybe that’s the life you love.  New businesses are tough in this economy, and if you can support a new business and throw your heart in it and give it the courageous try, I say DO IT! None the less, in the end it’s live the life you love that matters most, whether your the CEO, An Assistant or A Domestic Goddess (Maybe your all three!).

What did you think of this article and/or blog? Is your day job more than a paycheck? Are you living the life you love? What advise would you share with others on this topic?

I look forward to the discussion.  Comment below & Share.

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