Excuses Excuses Excuses…

I’ve been working on writing my 1st novel and with all my good intentions it hasn’t been so easy. There is the pressure that everyone knows I am writing that 1st book which in part was to motivate me along; however, some days I am one to rebel as other life issues pop up. You know the excuse that you must cook, clean, do laundry and work that day job. It’s tough to find time to write when your not a full time author. None the less this is how some of my days go…


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So if the blog is a little slow with only 1 or maybe 2 posts a month, know that I am either making up some grandiose excuse or actually putting my words to the page to finish this story that has been in my head for 5 years. I am sure many of you don’t have this issue!

You’re a well oiled machine that is working on your story without any interruption each and every day. You don’t run into issues of self doubt or the occasional road block of not moving your story forward, because you have an outline that shows you how to navigate to the end. Actually you may not have all the answers, but that is okay because your brilliance is self satisfying and the menial tasks are the dry run to your red carpet walk. The vision is so strong that you bask in the light, knowing soon you’ll be wearing sunglasses just to be comfortable.

Does the above describe you? Just know that if it does – I hate you. I envy you. I need you to tell me how.

How do you keep going and rock the above? Is it just experience and time that has made you so wonderful? Is it just that fantastic support system you have?

Comment and share for those of us that are not there yet. Let’s start the discussion and the psycho analysis 🙂

6 thoughts on “Excuses Excuses Excuses…”

  1. LOL.
    It’s an entirely gray area. There are always good days and bad days with writing novels.

    Honestly? Having people asking about it constantly would probably be one of the worst things for me. I turn into a complete hermit when I write. Yes, I do it full time. No, I am not published yet (getting there, slowly but surely). I’ve always been at a loss as to how people can be so…interactive with life while writing. I’ve got to commend you for that.

    Doing it constantly helps. It took me an extremely long time just to get to a point where I was comfortable with my writing capabilities (try…several YEARS of writing daily). Of course, I am overly critical of myself, so it’s likely that would be inaccurate for other people and their comfort levels.
    I don’t know. Just do it when you can and always try to improve.
    I say keep at it. And good luck. 🙂


    1. Thanks. I think all writers are overly critical and that self critic doesn’t get better with time, I think as I get older I am more eager to turn a deaf ear. 🙂 Just finding the time is tough tho, and happy to learn I am not alone. Here’s to hoping we both have more ‘good’ days than ‘bad’!


  2. I think many writers struggle with this, so you’re not alone. I wrote an article with a few tips on sitting down and actually getting words onto the page (http://editorialstand.wordpress.com/2013/05/15/small-bite-by-small-bite/), but I find that most often my writing motivation comes in waves; some days I will write and write with ideas pouring out of me, other days I avoid even going within ten feet of my laptop. I just try to take advantage of the good days.


    1. Thanks for the link/tip! I really appreciate it. I’ve read so many books and taken classes where the mantra is to write daily. I certainly understand the rationale why to push through each and everyday but gotta say, it’s rare that I can exercise daily too 🙂


  3. I don’t think there is any writer who has an entire magically flow from their hands in complete and perfect form. It may come out in good shape, but there are road blocks and interruptions all along the way.


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