Smart Phones Making Us Dumb

I am noticing a shift in management to bring the tech part of work back to the people. Some of the more experienced staff (i.e., the older personnel) are grasping onto this concept whereas, the younger generation Y and younger are more hesitant to this shift.

So what is this shift? It’s the simple concept of picking up the phone and talking. More face to face meetings – video is fine, we’re not telling technology to take a hike here. Rules wizards on email set that if a topic has more than a preset of responses, no more emails can be sent on the topic, those involved are directed to hold a meeting for discussion. Set rules on instant message within a company structure, on availability and types of allowed messages.

At first it sounds like ‘big brother’ is watching you more heavily, but actually these are points of management to incorporate for yourself. Do you use the automatic schedule setting to turn your phone off and on based on working hours? Or do you have it running 24 hours 7 days a week?

People are connected to their devices all the time – I mean do you really need to check it in the bathroom, at dinner and for each beep, tweet noise that comes out of the speaker? I use to be one of those with the crack-berry thumbs, so that email could be answered efficiently and directly from where ever I was and time no longer an issue because the 9-5 office was not literally anymore with a blackberry (i.e., smart phone). Then I hit an age and experience level and realized this compulsive need was my own making and basically quit cold turkey from the every 5-10 minute check of the phone during waking hours.

My messaging to my manager and direct reports following my own intervention 5 years ago – if it’s urgent, call me. Guess what, not a ton of calls occur at odd times, however there didn’t seem to be a moratorium on emails. Therefore in my mind, nothing is urgent and it can wait until I review my emails.

Watch this YouTube video, you may have seen it already as it has a number of hits, it’s quite telling and true on how disconnected we are from people, colleagues, friends and family. Ever feel like this or would like to form your own intervention to quit?

Do you feel this video is an accurate representation of your smart phone use? Or do you feel more like the girl in the video? Anyone see how wrong this is and see how we are stepping backwards as a result?

I am curious to your comments – let’s hear it and discuss!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Smart Phones Making Us Dumb”

  1. Wow Cassie! Right on the money! Its hard to converse with people any more-I am guilty of some but I know people who are addicted to their smartphones. Eye-opening!


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