Book Review: Until You By Penelope Douglas

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

I read this book via a whorl wind pace.  I will warn you this is book 1.5 of a series and I didn’t read the first book – Bully.  *Gasps from the crowd.  I know.  I know.

Most times I like the fellas point of view and this is that book.  Sometimes, girls get a little winey for me then…blah blah blah.  Anyway this is the book I choose to read and it’s a solid one; I enjoyed it.  Now if you don’t like contemporary romance (must be >18 yrs old), that has some steamy sex scenes then this is NOT the book for you.  To learn more, see one of my favorite Jared quotes and check out my book review below.

My Book Review (click on link):

“Now, I could go on about mommy didn’t love me and daddy hit me, but who doesn’t have a story, right?” I asked. “There are times when we can blame a situation on others, but we own our reactions to them. There comes a point where we are the ones responsible for our choices and excuses don’t carry weight anymore.”
― Penelope DouglasUntil You

Did you read ‘Until You’ and have a different point of view on the review – let me know in the comments below!

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