Hemp Love Affair The USA is Missing Out

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Did you know that the world is having a love affair with Hemp?  It’s growing and using this crop for so many industrial good uses and in the process restoring the forest and leaving harsh chemicals in the barrels.  This blog is to spread the word about Hemp and if you didn’t know – Marijuana is not Hemp so don’t judge a book by it’s cover, come get educated.

Did you know that Hemp industries outside of the USA are importing goods here and profiting?  While we are a sustainable country of land this cash crop isn’t available to the USA due to old legislation and laws.  It’s an antiquated prohibition for this plant that needs to be revisited and many states are jumping on board to get this opportunity – Kentucky is one such state and Tennessee is looking to follow.

Check out this info graphic below.  Do you know what Hemp looks like?  It’s really eye opening that so much can be done with a renewable plant that is easy to grow! Recycle Hemp is the word for sure when most goods like plastic really hurt our environment.

Hemp Looks Like

To learn more about Hemp. Here is a great website and one shop stop to get educated: TNHemp

Recreator is a USA company looking to start the industrialization of Hemp here the USA!  They have a kickstart campaign that is running until March 28, 2014 to get this company off the ground.  I am a backer, and excited to get my Hemp t-shirts to support the business and the cause.  Please share your love for a good cause and grow the opportunity here in the USA (see link below).  Minimum pledge is $1.00

Kickstart Recreator Link


If you agree we should share the love or have a different opinion, Like this post below – Share and Comment.  I always enjoy a good discussion 🙂 #sowtheseeds

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