Before you spend money on publishing services, read this

Are you wanting to self-publish and wary of the pitfalls? What pitfalls are you referring to you might ask. Money Investments! $$$

For me it’s the confusing game of what cost I’m looking at if any to self-publish for myself. There are so many new company’s out there to help budding new self publishing authors that how can you tell what you really need besides a good editor?IMG_0505

This blog by Roz Morris is a great start in lighting up that dark path. I hope it informs you as it did me. I really enjoy all that Roz puts out, it’s valuable information and in fact her book is on my desk right now as I dive into a new writing project 🙂 —->

Tell me, what are you looking to spend $$$ on your self publishing adventures and why – I’m really interested.

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Nail Your Novel

old ropeAs indies get ever more professional, an entire service industry is springing up to offer us services for every occasion. At this year’s London Book Fair, the Authors’ Lounge was heaving with suppliers, and no shortage of willing customers. While it’s great to have access to these, authors are ripe for rip-off.

This week David Gaughran highlighted unscrupulous companies that charge exorbitant prices, or hoodwink authors into paying for services that could be obtained for very little or no cost.

So this post is a self-publishing 101; a catch-up for those who are wondering what they need to spend money on. In some cases, knowledge is the answer; all books, authors and genres are different, and one supplier does not fit all.

It’s virtually impossible to publish a book without any expenditure, but we can make sure we use our budgets wisely – and stop writers filling the pockets of…

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3 thoughts on “Before you spend money on publishing services, read this”

  1. I just had somebody from a blog tour company asking if I would present a guy on Kev’s Author Interviews. At first, as I do, I said, Sure, why not? Then they ask me how I want to do it and give me links to their site where I find they actually charge for the service…so yeah, sure…I’ll interview someone for free so you can charge them and probably try to sell your service to me too…WTF!


    1. Whoa, that small print of contractural intent really bites so many in butt. Good thing you saw that coming and weren’t surprised with a bill later.


      1. Tell me about it! What can I say, I’m a cautious guy. I thought something started to smell funny if you get my drift..yellow flags to red ones and all that. 😉


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