FF#23 Haiku – Gone

Winner stampGONE

Stiffening posture

Rapid pictures of crime scene

Clutching arms to chest

^   ^   ^

This Haiku was inspired from Featured Fiction’s #23 Action-Adventure prompt.  Challenge accepted for Haiku and featured word “picture”.   Haiku structure 5-7-5.

Check out other entries and vote it’s always great fun.  Although my Haiku maybe better suited for the crime prompt in a few weeks *wink.

Want to learn how to write a Haiku poem? Click Here

If you liked/loved my Haiku let me know, by liking, sharing or commenting.  Also any tips for improvement always welcomed, criticism is another form of education too.

All rights reserved by author.

11 thoughts on “FF#23 Haiku – Gone”

      1. Hi Cassie 🙂 You’re the Featured writer again this week. I was meant to contact you earlier, but time just got away from me. I’ll be posting the new set of prompts in an hour, and if by some chance you’re near a computer and you would like to offer me a sentence, the genre is paranormal. Thanks again for your contribution this week 🙂


      2. Wow, I’m very honored and surprised. The pieces were all so brilliant last week.

        Here’s my proposed sentence for next round (paranormal):
        “The Gods be damned, to invite the enemy of my enemy into my home, the shape shifter was shedding everywhere.”


      3. That’s so weird, I had a back-up for the sentence and it was linked to a shape shifter too…great minds! I’m so glad you were able to provide this before I uploaded it. Thanks so much, I’ll go add it right now and get it out there! You deserve the feature, and I’ll be adding that too 🙂


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