Manage Your Mindset for an Instant Attitude Swap

In your professional and personal life you are faced with the up’s and down’s of being human and how your attitude plays into how you perform and feel. As I’ve gotten older and more experienced in this life game, I believe it’s all in your mindset and if you manage it, even the most negative situations don’t have to impact your stress levels to the extreme, and your heart/mind health will thank you. We’re human, we are fallible and we are complex. Below is my top advice for climbing that career ladder – or that personal ladder.

#1 Be Resilient
Recently I was traveling to Europe for business and my luggage did not arrive with me that evening. I did have a minor breakdown moment but in the end, I had toiletries from the airline (Lufthansa You Rock!). In that pack was a t-shirt and laundry detergent. So pulling myself together, I washed my travel clothes and made do with what I hadAttitude-Dashboard for my training meeting the next morning. Of course my clients and colleagues were sympathetic of my situation, we charged onward with tasks at hand and at the end of the day my clothes (suits & dresses) came for our reception dinner. Granted at the reception a waitress stumbled with her tray and the drinks came crashing down and on me, you know what? It’s all alright, pity we lost the champagne but I was happy to be in my dress and not my traveling yoga pants – it’s all perspective!! I helped clean up the mess and we went about our dinner. Stuff happens; the good, the bad and the ugly – rise above.

#2 Prioritization
There is a great quote I saw recently, not sure who it’s from, but it sums up nicely when you’ve been procrastinating. “There are 7 days in a week and someday isn’t one of them.” Take this to heart when you keep putting off something you really need to do, whether it is for yourself or someone else. If it’s on your ‘To Do’ list get going and get it done. I’m always happier when I’ve completed that dreaded task, such as recently cleaning out my closet. If I didn’t wear it in a year or it’s too small, the days of ‘one day I could wear it again’ where thrown out the window and I tell you what, my closet is amazingly organized now and I am happy. It only took me about 2 hours to complete regardless of being on my list for 3 months. I could have been happy so much earlier. Hindsight, don’t let it rule you, learn from it.

#3 Admit Mistakes
I never understood why people have a hard time with this. Is it our egos? For me, I would much rather get it out there first that I had a mistake, versus someone coming along and calling me out on something. It’s basically my way of addressing old news and moving onto a corrective action or just plain moving on. I feel bad for celebrity types, because if you don’t have a sense of humor you can easily see where those past mistakes take hold and can bury a person. I’m not saying wear a scarlet letter for life for longer on something that went wrong, but acknowledge and keep going. If mistakes are trends, then have a sit down and assess with actions. Admission is a freeing experience because when you do, the worry and fear fades.

#4 Be Decisive
Sometimes making a choice is hard. However, sometimes we make that choice hard by just belaboring the decision making process. I was reading an article where a person said they make choices in one minute because they don’t want to sit around and deal with it again. If you have all the facts and opinions you need, I say why not? Commit and move on (see #2 above). A pet peeve of mine, what my husband coined, is when someone can’t land the plane. You’re cleared for landing you know what you want to do and need to do, although for some reason or another you just keep on circling the landing path. GET ON WITH IT. Yep, it strikes a nerve with me every time. If it’s in your power to decide, do everyone a favor and decide the course of action. Time is of the essence, inability to make choices will hurt you in the long run.

#5 You’re GREAT
Stop criticizing yourself. Flip the switch and think about what you are great at, and what makes you awesome in this world. As individuals we add to the whole our talents, experiences, beliefs and values. Once you get down on yourself, it’s hard to climb out of that hole. If the people around you are digging that hole for you, you need to find some new peeps because they don’t value you. Everyone is hard on themselves, but when I’m there I stop and affirm the opposite to myself. For example, I’ve was really disappointed about an opportunity that was promised to me and then abruptly it changed.  Their loss, because I’m great and could have really made that situation great.  Also  mistakes happen and it could come back again (see #3 & #1 above).  The end result; you are enough and you are ever evolving — appreciate where you are and who you’ve become.

Do you have any tools or tips to manage your mindset that I haven’t mentioned above?  What helps you flip the switch on your attitude?  Please comment and share below.  I’m looking forward to the extra tools and tips!  If you liked this post, let me know and I’ll continue more posts/blogs like this one.

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