Character Development by Following the Stars

When developing your characters’ consider following the stars, or rather the astrological zodiac.  I like looking at astrology charts regarding my main characters not that they can’t peak outside the lines because, human personalities if nothing else are complex and vast.  I do this in the beginning as I’m getting a good handle on who my character is, the below chart has been in my note-book forever and it’s a great tool to share.  I also look at astrology compatibility charts – why not? Pull together the impossible or slightly impossible and make a grand adventure, it doesn’t need to be romance, it could be around siblings or making your protagonist and antagonist as opposite as possible.

Astrological Zodiac Traits/ Sun Sign Personalities


*The above chart comes from:

My hope is this helps others with character development, as I get going in my first draft of a new project this is something I am working on now with various tools.  How else do you determine personality traits, do you envision the character so clearly you don’t need these types of tips/tools?  Curious to various processes, please Comment below it always adds to my tool kit. If you liked this post let me know below by the Like or Share buttons below and I will continue with similar posts.

Happy Writing and Character Development!

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