Soda Stream Lover

I’ve been having a love affair, ssh don’t tell the other soda brands out there they may become jealous.  I don’t buy soda in the conventional plastic liter bottles or cans or glass anymore.  Haven’t readily done it for well over 2 years now because, ta da, I have a Soda Stream and I utterly love it!!  Life is best with bubbles, just ask Champagne.


I’m starting a Detox with Dr. Sara Gottfried on Monday and giving up caffeine in all forms for a month (among other changes) to reset my biology.  Outside of loving my tea in the morning, I think I will be fine.  I’m happy with carbonated water and a little lemon.  None the less, I am not being paid by Soda Stream but it’s a fabulous product that I throughly enjoy and must share with the masses via blog style.  This product decreases plastic litter and gives me options for my carbonated pleasure, there are so many recipes and drink options out there for Soda Stream users.  Don’t let the major brands fool you, you can have it in your kitchen without sugar, aspartame and other color additives.  Lastly it’s cheaper too, you use your tap water and the carbonation is recyclable with a discount at most stores.

Anyone out there love Soda Stream like I do?  Happy to hear about your favorite drink recipe below.

6 thoughts on “Soda Stream Lover”

    1. I might be “mad” but I’m also fat & sluggish so gonna give it a shot 😊! I think I’m more depressed about giving up sugar and bread/carbs more than anything else. At least dark chocolate is okay, Thank the lord on that one!


  1. I’ve recently been trying to cut out some of my caffeine, so I know how hard it can be! 😀 I’ve taken to drinking redbush tea instead, which is quite nice.

    I’ve seen the soda stream around and wondered if it would actually be any good, now I’m really thinking of getting one! Great post 🙂

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  2. Love your post! I, too, have been eliminating caffeine from my diet (I’m pregnant 😊) so the Soda Stream might be a great option! Good luck with the detox my sweet friend!!!

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