Once Upon A Lovely Blog Award

Thank you to the lovely and talented Jean Cogdell for my nomination for the Lovely Blog Award this past weekend.  one_lovely_blog_awardI’m honored she enjoys my blog post and encourages me to participate in writing prompts and all the fun on her blog.  If you’re a writer, she has great tips and lots of fun on her page.

This award comes with instruction that I am to tell you 7 facts about myself.

Once Upon A Time…

1. I was a director in 4th grade for our school play Hansel and Gretel.  This began my career of telling others what to do.

2. I had a pet tarantula named Creepy Crawler – “Creepy” for short.  He was found on a dirt road in Oklahoma, where my Dad rescued him in a paper bag and had me ride with him in the back of the truck.  My fear for spiders haven’t changed much but Creepy was cool.

3. I had a mullet hairstyle in middle school, but I swear I rocked it and it was super cute! Business in the front, party in the back.

4. I pretended I was lost boy when I was 6 years old on the Peter Pan boat/ride at Disney Land so that I wouldn’t have to leave, Peter Pan helped me find my parents, which originally I denied I knew where they were.   This started my love of rogue ‘bad’ boys.

5. I swam with sharks at Disney World, it was exciting but scary all at the same time.  My daughters where yelling the entire time, “Don’t Die!” so I guess it worked out for both of us.

6. I love cheese, all kinds, even the stinky ones.  Pair it with a good wine and cracker, I’m in heaven. I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t appreciate.

7. I still have VCR tapes in a box (for those who don’t know, VCR tapes are like DVDs of today but way older/bigger and with actual film, just kidding its tape).  Why I retain these I have no idea, I do hold onto the past from time to time.

Lastly the final requirement, I bestow the ‘Lovely Blog’ award on some new sites I am enjoying via the links below.

1. Fiction All Day   2. Writerly Goodness   3. Write on the River   4. Writingindevizes   5. Morning Story and Dilbert   6. A Writer’s Path   7. Pursuit of Happiness

Take a moment and check out the above blogs along with Jean’s.

Thanks again, Jean!

8 thoughts on “Once Upon A Lovely Blog Award”

  1. Thanks, Cassie. I hope you don’t mind, but since I’m taking the NaNoWriMo challenge this month, I won’t be able to post until December. I won’t forget . . . I’ll just have to postpone for a bit 🙂


  2. Great facts, thanks for sharing 🙂 At one time I would have shuddered at the prospect of having a tarantula as a pet (I’m scared of spiders), but recently I held one in my hands and, for the first time, appreciated their beauty.


    1. Tarantula’s are really neat. I didn’t ‘play’ with it to much as a kid but certainly held Creepy from time to time. My Dad was really fascinated with him. We had him for over 2 years if I remember correctly.

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