The Dali Surrealism Temptation

I recently went to The Dali museum in St. Petersburg, FL.  What a fantastic museum and experience.  I didn’t know much about Salvador Dali outside of his outrageous mustache and his peculiar art dubbed surrealism.   Admittedly as I wrote ‘peculiar’, now that I know more about him and his art, I should preface by saying his brilliant works of art.  salvador-dali-wallpaper-1

What is surrealism?

Andre Breton who was a leader of the surrealism group wrote the manifesto of 1924 that defines the purposes of the group.  He defined Surrealism as:

  • Surrealism, n. Pure psychic automatism, by which one proposes to express, either verbally, in writing, or by any other manner, the real functioning of thought. Dictation of thought in the absence of all control exercised by reason, outside of all aesthetic and moral preoccupation.
  • Surrealism. Philosophy. Surrealism is based on the belief in the superior reality of certain forms of previously neglected associations, in the omnipotence of dream, in the disinterested play of thought. It tends to ruin once and for all other psychic mechanisms and to substitute itself for them in solving all the principal problems of life.

I had such a great time, learning about him and surrealism.  Salvador was an artist from such a young age and in art school he painted within the confounds of his education until he graduated.  Then his love for mathematics and science entered his artistic world along with his soul mate and muse Gala.  The amazing stories and symbolism behind his works is intriguing and visually stunning.  I learned and read more – now I’m temped to practice.

Can you? Do you dare to express yourself in the absence of control exercised by reason, aesthetic and moral preoccupation?  It’s an interesting discussion.

Your mission, should you accept it.

Write this weekend something that would fit by the definition of surrealism.  Go outside of your comfort zone, be it short story, poetry or blog.  Tempt the normalcy Dali style.

Then comment below and tell me how it went.  I’d love to know! 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Dali Surrealism Temptation”

  1. I was a fan of Dali’s work and read his autobiography, “The Diary of a Genius” while I was in college and in my early 20s. My interest in Surrealism eventually led me to the movie makers Luis Bunuel and Federico Fellini

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