Air Travel Baggage Rantings

I’m a frequent traveler for work. Over my past several trips, one thing has occurred a lot that is irritating me while traveling in the United States; it’s baggage. We have full flights and those customers with roller bags who don’t check them, due to a full flight, do not always have the option of onboard storage on the plane. As a result of a full flight, I have witnessed three airlines offer to check those customer’s bags to their final destination for free.  Seems harmless enough, unless your the one who planned ahead, or had the original desire to check your bag to escape the hassle of the rat race to store your bag while boarding the plane. Why is this a big deal? Because those customers had to pay a fee, that’s why! Now because a plane is full you get free checked bags but only for those who didn’t check prior to boarding the plane – anyone else find this preposterous?Carry-On-Bags

As I tell those I manage and my children, you can’t complain without a solution.  So here’s what I propose, airline executives, do not charge for bags that would normally fit in the onboard storage for those who pre-check or check their baggage!  If it’s a larger bag and you can’t be an airline that doesn’t have baggage fees then charge for those larger or oddly shaped bags.  Or, design an airplane that can accommodate all standard roller bags per seat.  Lately, these storage areas on board the plane are getting smaller and not conducive to all passengers bringing their bags aboard.  Surely an architect can design something functional for passengers.

Signed, a traveler who is tired of the nickel and dime rat race of the airline wars.

Rant over.

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