Got Me Fighting Rowdy Rousey

Have you ever got to the end of a book and the countdown starts where your dreading the end?

Have you ever wanted to continue a book to savor it that you get the last page reading off the library of congress numbers?

I did on both counts. I just finished Ronda Rousey’s book My Fight/Your Fight. I’m still on a high and writing this via my iPhone at 24,000 feet in an airplane heading from Tampa, Florida to Sacramento, California.

  Amazon Kindle Book Rousey

I pre-purchased this book off of a whim from watching Jimmy Fallen interview UFC Champion Ronda Rousey and he talked about her book coming out. My husband knew who she was, but I didn’t. I have a personal challenge to read more diversity and needed a biography, she peaked my interest. She was likable in the interview and, as always Jimmy made it fun.

I was enthralled with this book from the first few pages. The story of her life and what she’s accomplished is epic.  She’s made history and created a pathway for women that wasn’t there until her. I couldn’t put this book down.  She becomes a life coach in this book by telling her stories. I gained so much from reading this book.

I certainly can’t relate to being an elite athlete, but the lessons are beyond that. What you do when you hope versus believe. How you fail and how you win, mentally and physically. Not just in the octagon of a UFC fight but in life. Lots of wisdom in here. I’m sure I’ll read this book again and get something different later. It’s that kind of story to me.

I’m inspired by this story of Rowdy Ronda Rousey. I’m also a fan now.  The hubby is excited and looked up her next event, we’ll certainly be watching.  If you don’t like the sport of fighting, you might be turned off in some sections but I challenge you to see how we all fight in various situations and fail to be inspired by this story.

Certainly the a best read for me in 2015. I can’t stop talking about it.  Certainly has me reevaluating a few things in terms of my sweat equity of what I say I want to do and doing it.

Definitely put it in your ‘read’ list this summer. What else is a must read this summer?

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