100 Word Challenge – Week 156


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The picture below + 100 word challenge


Sarah’s Unavoidable Pain

He left me. “Sarah simple, plain and predictable”, he said.

The tired mechanical heart has stopped and left me with change, but the days stay the same. The world is spinning endlessly, only in gray. There is no one to catch me or keep me safe. The over zealous wind warning to take shelter. Locomotive sounds are deafening, I scream in challenge digging my feet in the ground, anguish overwhelmed at the failure.

This moment is my destiny. Dance with me. Shatter me alive or tear me apart, either way the journey is brave, complicated and unavoidable, the reborn Sarah.

*   *  *

This was a fun challenge, my first 100 word challenge.  Did my piece depart emotion and give you a snipet of a story? Word choice is important in a short piece – any feedback or critiques are welcomed.

All rights reserved by the author.

3 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge – Week 156”

    1. Thanks Jean! It feels a bit like Twitter where you only have so much room. Word choice is paramount that you hymn and haw over every word. At least I can say I learned from Twitter, on how to cut it down 😊 who says social media isn’t educational?

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