Reader Impact on Pen Names

I’m so excited! I’m working with a  writing coach and on task to produce a   self published YA Novel this year, finally!  It’s a paranormal novel with witches & magic. I am so excited, I’m bursting from the seams as I outline & write. I immediately declared this would go under my pen name. My reasoning to separate from my current professional life.  Pen names always bring about discussion. The purpose & need as an author, so on and so on. One topic missing is what about the reader? I’m a reader and consumer of books, I put on my reader hat and asked the question, does it matter to me if a beloved book is written via pen name or real name?  Do I feel cheated in any way as a reader?

I don’t think so. I’m a fan of JR Ward’s, Black Dagger Brotherhood, like many who love paranormal romance. Was I pissed off when I learned she wrote contemporary romances under the pen Jessica Bird? No, I was pumped that I had knowledge to get her earlier work. As a fan of hers I wasn’t deterred but more on the side of grateful I could find her talented work elsewhere. Maybe if it had been the other way around I would have felt differently? Im not sure.

Comment below: As a reader how do you feel about author pen names? Does it matter to you? 

2 thoughts on “Reader Impact on Pen Names”

  1. How exciting! I’ll be keeping an eye out for updates on your writing project 🙂

    As for pen names, it doesn’t bother me at all either way. If a writer wants to protect their personal life or even just separate their work within different genres, that’s their choice.


    1. Thanks Callum! I’ll post updates. As with anything new, I’m so excited to start the journey & finally feel up to the task.
      Pen name wise, is always interesting the different opinions.

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