Monica Lewinsky The First to Experience CyberBullying

During my morning tea time just prior to starting my work day, I do my usual perusing of social media and such to see what is going on for the day etc… I came across a blog regarding Monica Lewinsky.  I read it and watched Monica’s speech at TED.  Wow! The video and the blog had me thinking quite a bit this morning.  I just saw on the local news last night how a teen ended their life due to cyber bullying, and here you see how it began and Monica as she states, was patient zero just before the social media machine took flight.

I worry for my young girls in this day in age about social media and such.  It’s difficult as a parent to protect your kids without suffocating them, while allowing them controlled freedoms to be the ‘typical’ kid that is now defined by society.  I’m thankful to have not made a mistake that was captured by video or picture that was seen around the world.

What I do think is that the news, or better yet, infotainment as coined by Boston Legal’s-Alan Shore, has perpetuated what we’ve come to accept as reality.  I don’t have the answer for any of this, by I do feel that just because you have open access to communicate, connect and share doesn’t mean you always should.  There is a responsibility to it, although most kids and a few adults if still reading, I assume are rolling their eyes at me.  Compassion is what Monica speaks to, have we lost it as a nation? Do we give it as freely as we should? Judgment with gavels passed off as innocent opinions seem more available now days in the social media machine.  How do we change that?

Below is the link to the blog I read, by the fabulous Diane Lee, and the TED Video.

Monica Lewsinsky’s mistake was not that she slept with Bill Clinton, but that she trusted him. I would’ve made the same mistake.

via Monica Lewinsky: I would’ve made the same mistake too….

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