Writers Quote Wednesday – My HP Homage of Writing My Novel.

Just keep writing was the starter inspiration for this week.  It’s been a tough, really tough week for me.  The writing hasn’t been as smooth or consistent due to the day job and other issues.  However I love to write, it’s a departure and freedom like none other.  Therefore, here is my quote and a little Harry Potter homage of my writing my novel – Enjoy!

*GIFs pulled from HARRYPOTTERGIF.Tumblr.com & Giphy.com


So you have this idea for a story, it’s brilliant shiney and new… 


and you start your story and you feel on top of the world! Until…


 the rubber meets the road.  It gets tough, there are out side doubters – your inner critic; you’ve got to push through.  This is a time commitment.  You’ve got to stand your ground. 


Violence is not the answer, it’s that internal struggle, although I love Hermione’s right hook here!  You just gotta knock out the word count and plot through it all. (I hired a writing coach, I’m accountable now!)


You’ve got to focus on why your doing this.


Find that inner strength.


Get back to the story, that original idea, develop it further and carry it through.  It’s going to evolve and you will too in the process.


It’s a messy journey but keep going.  I’m in the messy part myself right now and the finish line is within reach.


The end has got to feel great right? Freedom.  That’s what I’m looking forward to…

giphy-11 giphy-8

…then the 1st edit


But, that’s for another day to dread.  At least I’ll have that 1st draft!


#   #   #

The Writer’s Quote Wednesday is organised by Colleen from Silver Threading, it is a weekly series in which bloggers share the quotes that inspire them. Go check it out and join in the fun.


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