St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Fun

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s that fun holiday that is surrounded by Irish kisses and consumption of tinted green ale.  Did you also know that the day we celebrate, is a compromise?  Do you know why green is the prominent color of the holiday and why shamrocks hold significance?

When the time came to honor the patron saint of Ireland’s birthday, the church and it’s officials realized that most of St.Patrick’s life was a mystery.  They narrowed down his birthdate to either March 8 or 9th, but because they couldn’t agree which was correct, they agreed to add the two together and declared March 17th to be St. Patrick’s Day.

Composite image of patricks day fingers

In the fifth century, Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, transformed the country from its pagan roots to Christianity.  Stories are told that during an outdoor sermon, Patrick was struggling to explain the Holy Trinity when he spotted a shamrock.  He used it’s three leaves to illustrate how the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost grew from a single stem, symbolizing one God sustaining the trinity, and from then on the shamrock is a reminder of that faithful lesson.

Originally the color associated with St. Patrick’s Day was blue, but it changed in the 17th century.  Green is one of the color’s in Ireland’s tri-color flag and Ireland is also named the “Emerald Isle” for its lush green landscape.  Green is recognized as the color of spring as well as the shamrock.  It’s unclear to the exact reason, but throw these all into a pot and it’s clear green is the color that represents St. Patrick’s Day.

I hope you enjoyed these fun facts by this Irish girl.  If you’d did enjoy this, please hit the like button and if you’d like to add more, feel free to to do so in the comments below.


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