Happy ahm… Leap Day/Year!

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Happy Leap Day!  What already? It’s been Leap Year since January 1st but usually it goes unnoticed until the end of February.  Is it due to our crazy busy lives?  In some cultures this hasn’t gone unnoticed. 

In many culture’s it’s not such a good thing.  Did you know in Greece it’s considered bad luck to get married in a leap year – well Greece isn’t having much luck of anything these days so get ready for longer engagements! In China, if you are born in this month during leap year it is already perceved that it will be harder to bring that child up – hard headed and obstinate – aren’t most of us anyway ?

There are some fun facts that I read this morning from another fellow blogger:

  • Julius Caesar is said to be the “father of leap year” since he added February 29th as a leap day in the Julian calendar, with the once every 4 years rule. It took another 1500 years (till 1582) for the Gregorian calendar to apply the system we use now;
  • Only years divisible by 4 have leap days;
  • Leap day is the day when women are allowed to propose to men (though these days most women don’t wait if that’s what they want to do, if you know what I mean). The tradition was for the first time backed up by a Scottish law enacted in 1288. Which although unsubstantiated, it allowed women the right to corner a man with a proposal. Men who refused would have to pay a fine in the form of a kiss, a silk dress or a pair of gloves. Which would you have preferred;
  • Sweden once had an extra leap day, February 30th, in 1712;
  • Want to know what day of the week Leap Day will be? It occurs on the same day every 28 years.  That means it will be 2040 before Leap Day is on a Wednesday again.

Enjoy your Leap Day, February 29, in this Leap Year! I have to admit, although it’s been a very crazy few weeks, this leap year has been good to me.  Make your own success and make this day/year fantastic for you. 


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SS: Be the water Not the Rock

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I received this helpful advise many years ago from a former colleague, it is proving to be apropos lately, so on behalf of Sharing Saturday:

– When you’ve been waiting for a specific parking space and another car cuts you off to get in the space. (This could be specific to any traffic situation – but darn you lady at the local Target!!)


– When your watching your favorite TV program and the cable and/or satellite signal goes out.  (OR when your DVR messes up –  Come on!  Where are we with Once Upon a Time – who is the writer dude and what’s with the well ???)


– When someone at work criticizes your performance over something you have no control over. (Seriously, I didn’t develop this process you did – it’s an ineffective process!)


– When you discover your new favorite sweater that you’ve been wearing all day has a hole in it.  (It’s a hole in the seam, but still that bites!)

BE THE WATER NOT THE ROCK – basically it’s not the end of the world, just keep on going…

Being Southern is a State of Mind…

There is something charming when speaking with someone who has that deep southern drawl.

“Bless your heart!  Aren’t you just the sweetest thing like honey from a bee.”

It can put you at ease and soften your tone.  Why is that?  I don’t necessarily question that ability, but have enjoyed it from time to time.  Additionally, I have been given a criticism in such a sweet southern tone that I couldn’t get the proper emotion in a timely manner to be grumpy appropriately.

“Oh sweetheart, your movie just ended and nobody clapped.  Gotta just get up and head on out for the exit and don’t be slow about it. Bless your heart.”

In the south there is a language that is regionally specific and fluid that I’ve always enjoyed.  There are some southern sayings that are profound as well as others that are just jumble but a great deal of fun.

Below are some of my favorite sayings:

  • Good Lord willin’ and the cricks don’t rise 
  • Never hurts to want
  • Come hail or high water
  • You’d argue with a fence post and then throw rocks at it!
  • If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.
  • That’s a long row to hoe!
  • That dog will hunt
  • He’s two bricks short of a load
  • A guilty dog barks the loudest
  • He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn
  • Root hog or die
  • Excuses are like backsides.  Everyone’s got one and they all stink.

What is fantastic is that southern hospitality and you don’t have to be from there to put yourself in that southern state of mind.  The linking of sayings that have been around forever along with new inventive one’s you may only hear once in a lifetime bring such color to the English language.

What are your favorite sayings or comments that you’ve received that have impacted you?

“Y-all come back, ya hear!”

Shake My Etch-A-Sketch…


This blog is a new adventure for me, as I take more leaps toward my love of writing and sharing thoughts with others in a new forum… well at least for me anyway.  In trying to define exactly what I would write about it became a hodgepodge of many ideas in addition to what I should name this blog.  Thanks to my husband who helped me come up with “My Etch-A-Sketch Life”.

Do you remember when you would play on an Etch-A-Sketch to create something fantastic?  I would be so proud of my creation and showing it off to my parents and friends, it took strength of will to shake it up to create that new palate for my next work of art.  Sometimes I would receive praise to encourage me further, which in turn gave me the enthusiasm that my next creation on that grey board would be better than the last.  It was usually a gamble on whether it was better or not, but it was fun trying and of course when it went a little pear shaped you could give it a little shake, and well you know…

The difference is when someone shakes your Etch-A-Sketch and your no longer in control – ready for the clean canvas?  Ready or not, it’s what you do with it when your given the chance in your personal and/or your professional life.   Keep it exciting, shake your Etch-A-Sketch and in doing so, join me in the adventure.

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