Awe Me? A Liebster Award

I was nominated and received the Liebster Award from the talented Diane Lee.  I’m blushing, a big hug to Diane for thinking of me.   I was fortune enough to be a beta reader for Diane and fell in love with her honest writing about her experiences with love and relationships.  Certainly check out her collection of stories here, definitely worth your time and money.

I have nominated two bloggers (see below), and for nominated bloggers, these are the guidelines to keep the award going if you choose to accept it:

Display an image of the award and write about your nomination.liebster-award
Thank and link the person who nominated you for this award.
Answer the 11 questions prepared for you by the blogger who nominated you.
Nominate some awesome bloggers who you think deserve this award (<10), and create 11 questions of your own for your nominees to answer
List these guidelines in your blog post.

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Here are my answers to Diane’s questions:

  1. What are you reading right now?

(non-fiction) Book Marketing is Dead by Derek Murphy

(fiction) Shearwater by Derek Murphy

2. Why are you reading that particular book?

I just finished my novel under my pen name and I am looking at my next steps for self-publishing and what my DIY options are, so that is the reason for the first book by Derek.  In the same vein, I love YA and supporting my fellow indie authors and I picked up his book, which was free on Amazon the other day.  Plus when was the last time I read about mermaids? Yep, I’m intrigued.

In the same vein, I love YA and supporting my fellow indie authors and I picked up his book, which was free on Amazon the other day.  Plus when was the last time I read about mermaids? Yep, I’m intrigued.

3.  Would you recommend it others? Why or why not?

For self-publishing authors, definitely worth the read.  Lots of good information in there and helps you figure out your pathway in planning for sure.  I literally just started Shearwater, so I can’t say yet but based on reviews I saw it should be worth wild.

I literally just started Shearwater, so I can’t say yet, but based on reviews it should be worth wild.

4.  Who’s your most favourite author ever? Why?

How can anyone answer this – my most favorite ever? So many… in various categories.

JK Rowling.

I bought the first three Harry Potter books because she was getting a little buzz at my bookstore, and I figured my oldest daughter who was a toddler at the time, might read them and I should check them out.  I was in love with the stories and quickly my husband was reading behind me, nudging me if I was finished with the next book.  I was hooked, and my enthusiasm continued onward to the movies as well.  In fact, I saw the last movie with my bestie in London at a red carpet premiere!  We didn’t get the memo to dress up as characters, but we had a great time dodging the TV crews and getting our popcorn.  Then reminiscing over at a local pub.

5.   Is there one book you read that changed your life? Or got you thinking about changing your life?

Danielle LaPorte,  The Desire Map.  I actually read this book at the end of every year in preparation for the new year.  It’s freeing each time I read it and I find something new each year.  I love it and yes have given away copies of it.

Me as a FanGirl of Danielle LaPorte’s – July 2014

6.  What writing (or other) project are you currently working on?

My YA book titled: Unwanted Magick under my pen name Mira Monroe.  I just finished it, May 31st!! It’s off to a few beta readers and my editor.  I’m beyond thrilled, it’s a huge accomplishment for me.

Check my Author FB page for latest updates: Mira Monroe  or at Twitter or on Instagram

(yep, slave to social media, because it’s awesome!)

7.  What’s the hardest thing about writing (or working on your current project)?

Getting over being perfect and judging myself as wrote.  I had started novels in the past only to rewrite and throw in the trash a few times.  Via, my Desire Mapping (see question 5) last year I hired a writing coach to get me through it – the hit you over the head Steve Windsor.  I needed it and I did finish my first draft of Unwanted Magick late 2015!

I sat on it and started my revision work in May.  He gave me the freedom to rewrite and secure the story I wanted in 1-2 edit reviews and then to get outta my way and move it along.  It’s interesting, I knew deep down what I needed to do, I’ve taken classes, read the how-to books, but I needed that personal touch to call me out on my crap like;

“Cassie, do you want it published or do you want it perfect?” Steve Windsor

“Cassie, are you writing or making excuses? What is your word count today?” Steve Windsor

I would love to be a coach for others one day, but that would be an excuse right now because I need to write.  I need to experience the road. 🙂

Check out Steve’s Author Basics website, great tools for authors.

8.   If a movie was made about your life, who would play you?

Drew Barrymore.   I tend to like her roles in the past, I think she’d get my humor  while looking disheveled in my put together kind of way.

9.   If you could have any super human quality, what would it be?

I would love to have the gift of all languages.  To speak, to read, and to understand them all  with little to no effort – wow, what a gift and super human quality that would be awesome.  I always envy those who are multi-lingual.

On a side note, if I could have transporting skills and skip the airports, trains, and automobiles – oh yea that would be awesome too, must be the Trekkie in me.

10.   What is something that scares the pants off you that you’d like to achieve or do in the next 12 months?

I’m doing it – Self-Publishing scares me but excites me.

11.  And the most important question of all: puppies or kittens?

I guess saying both would be a cop-out, but dang anything baby is adorable.   Puppies – because look at my Finn, he is the cutest!Meet Mr. Finn (a.k.a. Bubba)

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My Nominations are:

Jean Cogdell – She just published her children books recently! She also has a great fun blog for indie authors.


Vashti Quiroz-Vega – Always provides some wise words and great inspiration weekly.

My questions for these lovely ladies, should they choose to participate in the nomination are the following:

  1. Where is your top vacation destination that you have yet to accomplish?
  2. What is the best advice you have received prior to self-publishing?
  3. What is your favorite song right now and why?
  4. Do you have any hidden talents you want to share?
  5. Who would play you in your life movie?
  6. What are you reading right now, do you like it?
  7. Can you play an instrument? If not, what would you play?
  8. What do you daydream about lately?
  9. Who is your favorite Superhero and what would you talk about at dinner?
  10. What is your favorite dish to make and eat?
  11. Lastly, sunrise or sunset?



St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Fun

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s that fun holiday that is surrounded by Irish kisses and consumption of tinted green ale.  Did you also know that the day we celebrate, is a compromise?  Do you know why green is the prominent color of the holiday and why shamrocks hold significance?

When the time came to honor the patron saint of Ireland’s birthday, the church and it’s officials realized that most of St.Patrick’s life was a mystery.  They narrowed down his birthdate to either March 8 or 9th, but because they couldn’t agree which was correct, they agreed to add the two together and declared March 17th to be St. Patrick’s Day.

Composite image of patricks day fingers

In the fifth century, Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, transformed the country from its pagan roots to Christianity.  Stories are told that during an outdoor sermon, Patrick was struggling to explain the Holy Trinity when he spotted a shamrock.  He used it’s three leaves to illustrate how the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost grew from a single stem, symbolizing one God sustaining the trinity, and from then on the shamrock is a reminder of that faithful lesson.

Originally the color associated with St. Patrick’s Day was blue, but it changed in the 17th century.  Green is one of the color’s in Ireland’s tri-color flag and Ireland is also named the “Emerald Isle” for its lush green landscape.  Green is recognized as the color of spring as well as the shamrock.  It’s unclear to the exact reason, but throw these all into a pot and it’s clear green is the color that represents St. Patrick’s Day.

I hope you enjoyed these fun facts by this Irish girl.  If you’d did enjoy this, please hit the like button and if you’d like to add more, feel free to to do so in the comments below.


Pop Songs and Love

Handsome and I have a song that speaks to our relationship. Let me clarify that, we have several songs that speak to our relationship, because when you’ve been together over 20 years that tends to happen. However, last year I wrote about that one special fun song as an entry in a contest and it was accepted in the published anthology. The fun tidbit, was it also was my wedding anniversary present to Handsome 20 years!

Have you ever heard a love song and thought, that song is about me and my loved one? Or by chance a song that you had on repeat through a hard time or breakup? Then this fun book is for you. It’s a great collection of essays that speak to; “Everything I Ever Need to Know About Love I Learned From Pop Songs”. 
Quick Buy Links:  Amazon  &  Full Retailers

I’m thrilled to be included with the other authors in this anthology. Continue that loving feeling by picking up your copy today. The stories are sweet, funny and thoughtful.  Also we love reviews, remember sharing is caring and self publishing thrives by word of mouth.  Discover some hidden gems.

What is your love song that speaks to you? Tell me about your love song in the comments below.