Defy By Sara B Larson

Rating: 5  out of 5 Stars

I obviously really enjoyed this story, per my star rating above.  As you know, I’m stingy on handing out 5 stars ratings.  This book is YA (Young Adult), and this middle-aged adult couldn’t put it down.  I enjoy the switcheroo type stories then this had a Merlin type backdrop that put me in heaven.  I thought it was a great story, there are certainly some mixed reviews on it, but stories and entertainment are subjective.


Fantastic tale set in Medieval times about a girl (Alexa) and her twin brother (Marcel) in their roles for survival upon their parents deaths.  Alexa will assume her new identity as Alex to join her brother in the king’s army.  Certainly no damsels in distress here.  Alex is a powerful character in disguise.  His/her character growth is well paced and revealing as most teenaged girls.

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Book Review: The CIA (Blood Tithe #3) By Glenn J Soucy

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars = FAVORITE!!

This is my favorite book of the series, book III out of IV books thus far published.  Each one is fantastic, but it was something more for me in this book.  There are many notions of why people are hiding, hunting and destroying that gives background to the choices of where they are in current day e.g. The CIA and The The CIA, Blood Tithe IIIAltered Ones.  However, then comes Jeremy and Jessica the scales of the known get tipped and the adventure again ensues.

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This book series is great and to be honest, I can’t stop talking about it to any family member, friend, person on the street, that enjoys a good book.  If your up for a read over the TV drain, enjoy your own private mental series and pick up this eBook by the Indie author Glenn Soucy – you won’t regret it!!

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