Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Ronda Rousey


This week, I’m sharing a quote from Ronda Rousey’s book My Fight Your Fight.  This book in my opinion is excellent, 5 stars, it truly moved me this year (see my previous blog Book Review on it).  This quote specifically speaks to me, because how many times do we fight ourselves? As women, we judge ourselves quickly.  I think men judge too – but as a woman, I know for sure we are guilty of judging, it’s innate, part of the DNA.

Right now I’m working on my first novel, I feel differently about the process this go around – yes, I’ve attempted this before, a couple of times.  I’m not fighting myself about it, this go around.  The inner critic has some duct tape over its mouth and is tied up in the basement.  I feel wiser, a little more experienced.  I hired a writing coach, where we mesh personality wise, to push me along.  I’m in the ring and I’m fighting for it.  I want to win.  It may not be perfect, I may get beat up some, but I’m coming out of that ring a winner.

What are you fighting yourself about? Are you ready to take those steps to stop fighting yourself and win? Let me know in the comments below, love hearing from you. If you can relate and enjoyed the quote, simply hit the like button.

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This is the first time I’ve participated in Writer’s Quote Wednesday.  It is organised by Colleen from Silver Threading, it is a  weekly series in which bloggers share the quotes that inspire them. Go check it out and join in the fun.  Also, thanks to Melissa Barker-Simpson, who I saw her post to urge others to participate.  See, blogging communities bring like souls together – it’s awesome!


Writing your novel this summer? Here are 6 no-fail tips for self-publishers

Great tips for those, like myself, who are writing this summer with the intent of self-publishing.

Kobo Writing Life

By BlueInk Review

As summer kicks into full gear, many are taking the time to write that novel or memoir they’ve been planning to get to for years. If you’re aiming to self-publish, it’s important to put your best foot forward.

At BlueInk Review we’ve written professional reviews of thousands of indie books and talked to countless authors. And we’ve seen too many of those authors make the same mistakes. It’s time to put down the umbrella drink, buckle down and focus on the frequently overlooked essentials.

In the coming months, resolve to:

Hyre a kopee editer to currect your spilling, gremmer and punctchatiaon.

Have some trouble reading that? Let us recap in better English: Hire a copy editor to correct my spelling, grammar and punctuation.

You might laugh, but this is the kind of spelling we come across far too often. If you ignore all the other resolutions, we…

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June – Write a Page a Day Challenge

I came across and interesting challenge, in which you write a page a day for the month of June. Sounds a little crazy, right? So I said heck yea, I’m in!

Author. Old School Writer

Nothing to verbose in the details mind you, on the ‘how to’s’ of one page a day. Doesn’t mean you have to stop at one page, but at a minimum you’re putting in the effort of at least a page. Now, if your one of those types that need a bit of direction as to what one page equals here you go:

One page will equal the US standard of 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper or computer screen, double spaced and typed is equal to about 500 words. Granted depending on word use and font selected it could be less or a few more.

How I will go about this challenge isn’t some long winded novel exercise, that will stress me out. I will tackle a few blogs, poetry, and short stories. Write some non-fiction along the way as well. My only rule, it’s not for my day job it’s got to be outside of it (i.e., non-fiction catergory).

What will I get out of it? Besides pure joy that I did it. The plan is a compilation of short stories to either further develop or tune up for ePublication. I have this idea a few shorts on a particular topic would be fun since I’ve been reading those lately. Also, I’m getting in the habit of more writing versus weekend flights of fancy. The day job has been a killer on my time lately along with other priorities of life.

So are you crazy enough to join me? What would you want to accomplish a page a day?

Poem: You Deserve

You Deserve
to be seen
to say yes
to say no
to change your mind
to take a long bath
to have the door opened for you
to be kissed passionately
to be held and loved for who you are
to enjoy music and songs that bring you joy
to cause a smile daily
to wear pajamas all day long
to have clean water and air
to have a meal prepared for you
to receive a Thank You. Please. Hello.

If you enjoyed please tell me below what else ‘You Deserve’ in the comments below.

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