The Secret Lives of Writers

I’m a contributing writer to this lovely anthology about what it’s like to be a writer – while doing everything else… I feel sometimes like a hero with a cape at night getting my word count in and finishing a great scene, that is until early morning school time – then I feel like the dead in need of a strong caffeinated beverage. Get your copy it’s only $0.99 until 9/1 if you want to know more about the glorious life behind the page – ūüôā

The Secret Lives of Writers


My 1st Novel – DONE!

I took a little hiatus this summer from my blog. ¬†The main reason was to finish and polish my first novel and enjoy the summer with the family. ¬†I’m happy to report, the novel ‘Magick’ is being published Sept 16, 2016, and is available for pre-order now.

Yahoo! MAGICK is here.

It’s been such an experience and an exciting time for me so far, although I tend to dread the marketing piece of being an indie author, none the less, I’m jumping on the train. ¬†It’s also providing the momentum of writing the 2nd book – I ended up with a series on my hands!

I write under the pen name, Mira Monroe. ¬†A story for another time as to why… ¬†It’s a YA (Young Adult) fantasy novel for ages 14 and up. ¬†If you enjoy a fun adventure check out it out.

Avg. 4-star reviews on Goodreads thus far in ARCs; as one reviewer said:

…I love a good ending and usually, I either remove or add one star to my final rating because of it. It was very tensed, full of action and magick and it all went really well. I was really excited at the end and this fact speaks for itself… – Reviewer

Well worth checking out this new author Mira Monroe!! I was lucky to get an advanced readers copy, but it comes out soon. Magick sets up a delightful maze of alternative realms. It‚Äôs ingenious. And just when you are truly frustrated (but in a good way like on the edge of your seat) the story unfolds beautifully. I‚Äôd almost describe it as a psychological mind teaser with alternate planes and realms set in the current day and with an almost fairy tale style… – Author of First Born, Janelle Gabay



Willow and her best friends, Emily and Lucy, are making plans for a great senior year and daydreaming about life away from sleepy Chepstow, Massachusetts. Willow tries for a life under the radar, where her biggest adventure is dating Daniel ‚Äď voted best all-around guy. Her life is perfect, until a long-lost grandmother reveals that not only does she come from a long line of Wiccans, but she’s also part of the royal family ‚Äď and next in line for the crown! Not everyone is happy to discover this outsider is about to take the throne, and Willow‚Äôs life is in danger ‚Äď along with those around her. Willow’s world is turning upside-down, as a new realm invades, complete with rogue Guardians and a handsome warrior who‚Äôs sworn to stand by her side. Rhydian knows everything she doesn’t, and Willow must learn to use her magick to uncover the dark secrets about her family’s past in order to save the Edayri realm and everyone she’s ever loved before it’s too late.

  *   *   *

Pre-order and join my author page – Mira Monroe¬†that’s where you’ll get the scoop and stay in the inner circle.

Thanks to all my fellow writing peeps for the support over the last 9-12 months. ¬†It’s a fantastic community of support and I love it. ¬†Cheers to a great weekend!

What Is an ISBN Anyway, and Do I Really Need One?

This is a great breakdown about ISBNs for the self-publisher. ¬†Great information I needed, therefore I’m sharing to others who might want the info as well.

Let me know in the comments below if you use this same technique for your ISBNs, or do something different.



Expensive and totally NOT sexy, ISBNs can be a headache for self-publishing authors. Do you need one? What kind? And how do you get it?

Source: What Is an ISBN Anyway, and Do I Really Need One?


Writers Quote Wednesday – My HP Homage of Writing My Novel.

Just keep writing was the starter inspiration for this week. ¬†It’s been a tough, really tough week for me. ¬†The writing hasn’t been as smooth or consistent due to the day job and other issues. ¬†However I love to write, it’s a departure and freedom like none other. ¬†Therefore, here is my quote and a little Harry Potter homage of my writing my novel – Enjoy!

*GIFs pulled from &


So you have this idea for a story, it’s brilliant¬†shiney and new…¬†


and you start your story and you feel on top of the world! Until…


¬†the rubber meets the road. ¬†It gets tough, there are out side doubters – your inner critic; you’ve got to push through. ¬†This is a time¬†commitment. ¬†You’ve got to stand your ground.¬†


Violence is not the answer, it’s that internal struggle, although I¬†love Hermione’s right hook here! ¬†You just gotta knock out the word count and plot through it all. (I hired a writing coach, I’m accountable now!)


You’ve got to focus on why your doing this.


Find that inner strength.


Get back to the story, that original idea, develop it further and carry it through. ¬†It’s¬†going to evolve and you will too in the process.


It’s a messy journey but keep going. ¬†I’m in the messy part myself right now and the finish line is within reach.


The end has got to feel great right? Freedom. ¬†That’s what I’m looking forward to…

giphy-11 giphy-8

…then the 1st edit


But, that’s for another day to dread. ¬†At least I’ll have that 1st draft!


#   #   #

The Writer’s Quote Wednesday is organised by Colleen from Silver Threading, it is a weekly series in which bloggers share the quotes that inspire them. Go check it out and join in the fun.