One Month in Counting NaNoWrimo

Can you believe it’s October?

Bring on NaNoWrimo


Who is ready for NaNoWrimo this year?  It’s one month in counting! This is usually when all the buzz gets started and everyone is like…bring it on!


NaNoWrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month.  This gives you an instant writing community (all levels), the opportunity to come together for support and planning to get your novel going and reach word count goals all in the month of November!


Easy enough, write? Ahem… right?


Possibly, but it can get frustrating if you’re not ready with a piece you’ve been thinking about or working on.  It’s best to use October and start jotting down some ideas and thoughts.  The idea is to write and get something accomplished before the end of the year, think of it as a Christmas Gift to yourself.


So get your groove on and get to work, don’t wait until November 1st.


Seize the moment and sign up at the NaNoWrimo web site, if you’re not already a member, it’s free!  I’ll see you there!

Before you spend money on publishing services, read this

Are you wanting to self-publish and wary of the pitfalls? What pitfalls are you referring to you might ask. Money Investments! $$$

For me it’s the confusing game of what cost I’m looking at if any to self-publish for myself. There are so many new company’s out there to help budding new self publishing authors that how can you tell what you really need besides a good editor?IMG_0505

This blog by Roz Morris is a great start in lighting up that dark path. I hope it informs you as it did me. I really enjoy all that Roz puts out, it’s valuable information and in fact her book is on my desk right now as I dive into a new writing project 🙂 —->

Tell me, what are you looking to spend $$$ on your self publishing adventures and why – I’m really interested.

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Nail Your Novel

old ropeAs indies get ever more professional, an entire service industry is springing up to offer us services for every occasion. At this year’s London Book Fair, the Authors’ Lounge was heaving with suppliers, and no shortage of willing customers. While it’s great to have access to these, authors are ripe for rip-off.

This week David Gaughran highlighted unscrupulous companies that charge exorbitant prices, or hoodwink authors into paying for services that could be obtained for very little or no cost.

So this post is a self-publishing 101; a catch-up for those who are wondering what they need to spend money on. In some cases, knowledge is the answer; all books, authors and genres are different, and one supplier does not fit all.

It’s virtually impossible to publish a book without any expenditure, but we can make sure we use our budgets wisely – and stop writers filling the pockets of…

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Loving Scrivener Training on Speed Dial

I’ve been using Scrivener for a few years now for writing various projects, my novel, short stories and other fun projects.  The software is GREAT, but I’d get frustrated from time to time because:

  • I never was fully satisfied with my learning curve
  • I didn’t understand all the bells and whistles
  • It hurt my technology geek pride to be honest

Deep down I kept thinking there has got to be some tips and tricks that I could learn to help me .  As everyone can relate, time is precious and it never became the priority for me.  I bought a book for reference and toured youtube for specifics, but that was my extent of “learning” it.  I struggled with what I knew and experienced in the software – until I met…

Joseph Michael The Scrivener Coach


I’ve gotta say, WOW!  Joe makes this stuff easy peezie and in short videos.  We are talking videos in 1-3 minutes that are well organized with visual guides right there in the lesson.  I was thrilled when I learned more about this training he put together and I jumped on board with the enthusiasm of kids at the pool on the first day of summer.

Here’s what I gained out of the training – 1st off I love being called a Ninja (suits my superhero fantasy) so I went straight for that training package.  Seemingly felt like it was the most bang for my buck, guess what it totally is/was.  I am now blogging with Scrivener, which I never even really considered.  He also provided tips and tricks that organized the way I go about my projects – love that I didn’t have to figure this out on my own.  Also the templates he has built that you get, golden.  I made a few templates myself, toying with my style to make it more perfect.  There are some great efficiencies in how you use it, compile for printing or loading up to your web page.  Lastly, when you’ve finished your training, guess what, it never goes away and you’ll get updates as Joe posts them (now that is customer love right there).

If I love something, guess what you’re gonna hear about it, especially if I think it can help out my fellow peeps of fellow writers, bloggers and professionals about this training, because lets face it Scrivener is great software for writing – you’ll never go back.  I am not one to endorse products lightly, however, I was so thrilled about this course and my experience in it, how could I not share it.  I got so much out of it, that yes you may call me a Scrivener Ninja now (by the way did I say how much I enjoy being called a Ninja?).  Check it out for yourself, see if it’s right for you on the link below.


Through this training I’ve learned a great deal about Evernote too – OMG that product is brilliant too.  I can gush all day long over both of these, but for now check out how to Learn Scrivener Fast, it’s a game changer.  I mean look at me blogging regularly each week now, and getting on track with my other projects.  Look out!


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Full Disclosure: Please note that the link above for the training is an affiliate link, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Please understand that I have experience with this product, and I highly recommend it because it was helpful and useful to me, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please do not spend any money on this product unless you feel you need it or that it will help you achieve your goals.


April Showers Bring Book Releases and Crutches

Wow, I’m on a reading frenzy lately.  What is it, the spring season for book releases?


I actually had to decide which favorite author/book series I would read first because they were released on the same day!! Seriously.  Any avid reader feels my pain and struggle.  Unless your the type who can read more than one book at a time (reference books don’t count by the way) and I am not that person.


I’m a one story at a time kinda gal, old fashioned I know.  It was quite diabolical, and a choice was made.


I really enjoy a good fiction story that takes me on an adventure in my own private movie showing.  Those stories are the best, especially as TV winds down all the season finales.  It’s also part research for me, because as a writer you should be a reader as well – or so says Stephen King and I agree.

My problem lately is that it seems to be a crutch not to write, cause I’d rather read.  I suppose it’s a fine line.

Comment below on your crutches or book releases – on the same day *shaking fist