June – Write a Page a Day Challenge

I came across and interesting challenge, in which you write a page a day for the month of June. Sounds a little crazy, right? So I said heck yea, I’m in!

Author. Old School Writer

Nothing to verbose in the details mind you, on the ‘how to’s’ of one page a day. Doesn’t mean you have to stop at one page, but at a minimum you’re putting in the effort of at least a page. Now, if your one of those types that need a bit of direction as to what one page equals here you go:

One page will equal the US standard of 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper or computer screen, double spaced and typed is equal to about 500 words. Granted depending on word use and font selected it could be less or a few more.

How I will go about this challenge isn’t some long winded novel exercise, that will stress me out. I will tackle a few blogs, poetry, and short stories. Write some non-fiction along the way as well. My only rule, it’s not for my day job it’s got to be outside of it (i.e., non-fiction catergory).

What will I get out of it? Besides pure joy that I did it. The plan is a compilation of short stories to either further develop or tune up for ePublication. I have this idea a few shorts on a particular topic would be fun since I’ve been reading those lately. Also, I’m getting in the habit of more writing versus weekend flights of fancy. The day job has been a killer on my time lately along with other priorities of life.

So are you crazy enough to join me? What would you want to accomplish a page a day?

Scooby Doo Where Are You?

I got a note the other day saying… Scooby Doo Where Are You? Yes, its been awhile since I’ve entered in a new blog. Time flies when you’re a Ninja in training and starting new jobs.

January is done for, and February is right around the corner. I’ve been going non-stop in my professional life by beginning new chapters as I said goodbye to my company to join a new company in what feels like sprint. I’m not a runner – I’ll certainly run if you’re chasing me with a machete, but otherwise the fight or flight mechanism in me is, screw it, I’m not a good runner so fighting it is! 🙂

Just prior to professional changes I signed up to be a Ninja. What that means is I am in the Kindle In 30 Challenge Training Course by The Book Ninja. It’s for non-fiction books and how to self-publish and such – plus it’s from the Book Ninja (aka Kristen Eckstein) and well being called a Ninja is just plain awesome. I have to admit I am wearing black more than I normally do for the past several weeks – coincidence? I think not. None the less, this training is clicking for me, good thing it’s self-paced learning. For this reason, I haven’t been writing as much as I would like; however I was inspired to do what I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve started my self-publishing company (eBook Me Up) and developing a short story contest that is coming up soon. Squee. I’m super excited for its release. Details coming soon!!

In addition, I’m looking at a management series to write. I spoke to a mentor of mine about it, and that is clicking as well. I may even have some great contributor writers joining in with me. 2015 is certainly shaping up to be a fantastic start. So this Scooby Doo has been busy, to say the least.

Places to connect with eBook Me Up – Twitter @eBookMeUp and FaceBook Page


5 Things Readers Want from Novelists on Social Media

Great post, I’m pressing out to my writer friends, Enjoy!
Merry Christmas!

5 Things Readers Want from Novelists on Social Media.

Dear Sexy Awesome You

UnknownIt was one year ago, when I had a conversation with my sister when she suggested I start blogging.  I don’t remember the conversation as vividly as I would have in my youth, but it was something to the effect of “Get out there”.

Then the question was, what I am going to blog about.  The initial idea came because of my writing.  I am a book lover and in turn began an adventure in writing several years ago.  I have been taking classes and learning more about the craft but not really putting myself out there until this blog.

What do I ‘professionally’ know about writing and what could I give out there that would be helpful to others?

Then it hit me, lightening struck.  I do know a lot about Project Management and Leadership.  This is my day job, has been for almost a decade and guess what, some would say I am quite good at it.  Therein my platform for blogging was born.  I was going to write a little about me and my southern roots, writing, project management and leadership.

The gauntlet was thrown.  Now what the heck to name this blog?

This is where my lovely husband got involved and through our brainstorming ‘My Etch-A-Sketch Life’ was born.  It summed it up well for me.  We have lived many places, our lives taking many courses and through it all it’s been an adventure in which I continue to seek new experiences.  It’s frightening and exhilarating all at the same time, which explains my love of roller coasters.

Then my sister said get on twitter!  Social media this and link it all up was her comment to me.  Let me say, twitter was intimating at first, but that medium is addictive to me now.  I love twitter.  It’s pop culture with opinions and content in a brief format that for those with attention disorders or those in a hurry (like me) can pursue and enjoy quickly.

Gosh, that little sister of mine has really taught this old gal some new things!

So here I am one year later and evolving, and boy, you can tell from post to post.  I am updating my web page for my blog, adding more pages of content and having a great time doing it and connecting with all of you.  I love to read all the blogs I link back to, some for kicks and giggles, others for learning more about the things I enjoy.  My hope is you continue to check in from time to time and enjoy this blog as the evolution continues over 2013.

My ideas are over flowing and I hope to venture further and take you with me – stay tuned! This ride is just beginning.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Muwha, ya all.