How to Enjoy National Poetry Month

Each April is set aside as National Poetry Month every year.  What is the best way to enjoy National Poetry Month?  Some of us go all out and read our favorites and discover new poets.  Others, try our hands at writing and honing in on an art of various poetry styles.

Here are a few ways to enjoy poetry month stress-free.

  1. Take a haiku walk outside.  The haiku form of poetry that is nature inspired and is simple in its form.  Be one with nature and breathe in the rhythm.
  2. Dare to dream and relax.  Poetry speaks to wants, desires and experiences.  Find yours with a simple bubble bath or a rich dessert.
  3. Visit a poetry house, and this doesn’t mean you have to go to a jam session.  A library, cafe, bookstore, and a nook can all be your poetry house as you sit, read, and discover a new poet.

Poetry is like wine.  Some poetry is succulent and beautiful where you pause and slowly consume it.  Some poems serve its purpose directly, whereas others have you yearn for simple juice.  The point is if you have an interest in poetry whether it’s to write it or read it, now is a perfect time to take on this interest.

To learn more about National Poetry Month, click here.

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FF#23 Haiku – Gone

Winner stampGONE

Stiffening posture

Rapid pictures of crime scene

Clutching arms to chest

^   ^   ^

This Haiku was inspired from Featured Fiction’s #23 Action-Adventure prompt.  Challenge accepted for Haiku and featured word “picture”.   Haiku structure 5-7-5.

Check out other entries and vote it’s always great fun.  Although my Haiku maybe better suited for the crime prompt in a few weeks *wink.

Want to learn how to write a Haiku poem? Click Here

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