What Is an ISBN Anyway, and Do I Really Need One?

This is a great breakdown about ISBNs for the self-publisher.  Great information I needed, therefore I’m sharing to others who might want the info as well.

Let me know in the comments below if you use this same technique for your ISBNs, or do something different.



Expensive and totally NOT sexy, ISBNs can be a headache for self-publishing authors. Do you need one? What kind? And how do you get it?

Source: What Is an ISBN Anyway, and Do I Really Need One?


10 Things Indie Authors Do Wrong & 7 They Nail

Great blog and Infographic that I wanted to share from Derek Murphy.  I think this is a great summary on what to do as well.  Take a peek below and check out the full blog via the link, good points well made; certainly worth your time.

In the comments below let me know what else Indie Authors are doing right or wrong – let’s add to the list.

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I wrote an article a year ago about what I see most self-publishing authors doing wrong. They’re still doing it. So I made a new post… with a big infographic. If you want to help indie …

Source: 10 things indie authors are doing wrong (and 7 things they’re doing right) | Creativindie

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Who Wants to Read Your Self-Published Book?

A well written blog by Chris McMullen, see the link below.  I’ve had great experiences and bad one’s, as a reader for self-published books, at the end of the day I want a well thought out story, told in a good manner.  As a writer, I strive for the type of reader I am.

Who Wants to Read Your Self-Published Book?.

Curious as to your thoughts on this article and blog post by Chris.  Are you reading self-published, Indie authors or only main stream publishing house books?

Book Review: The CIA (Blood Tithe #3) By Glenn J Soucy

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars = FAVORITE!!

This is my favorite book of the series, book III out of IV books thus far published.  Each one is fantastic, but it was something more for me in this book.  There are many notions of why people are hiding, hunting and destroying that gives background to the choices of where they are in current day e.g. The CIA and The The CIA, Blood Tithe IIIAltered Ones.  However, then comes Jeremy and Jessica the scales of the known get tipped and the adventure again ensues.

To see more on my official book review  (click on link):  https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/805670188

This book series is great and to be honest, I can’t stop talking about it to any family member, friend, person on the street, that enjoys a good book.  If your up for a read over the TV drain, enjoy your own private mental series and pick up this eBook by the Indie author Glenn Soucy – you won’t regret it!!

Have you read this book? Loved, liked, or hated?  Comment.  Share.  Let’s get chatty.