How to Stay Motivated in Your Writing

I’ve been struggling lately with my edits and rewrites.  What is boils down to isn’t necessarily time, its motivation.  I’m in a little rut with a timeline that’s looming and I can’t seem to get in gear, I’d rather spend time with the family or get to bed at a decent hour and try for 6 hours sleep over 4.  It’s awful my excuses, I think we all go through it.  I came across this article and it hit the nail on the head for me and it may do the same for you, therefore, I’m sharing below.

I’m making the time and pushing through a particular section in my book today.  At least I’m well rested today 🙂

Let me know below how you stay motivated in your writing or editing process – sharing is caring and inspiration is free.


Sometimes you’re not in the mood to write, but you know that you should.  Maybe you’ve set a goal and hope to reach it, or you’re on a deadline.  Here are a few strategies that you can use to get s…

Source: Getting Started – David Farland | Story Doctor

The Secret Lives of Writers – Cassie Newell

Check out my blog article for The Secret Lives of Writers Series.  It’s about the multiple hats most people wear.  How to marry up those different sides that may not fit by standard definitions.  Defining who you are and not other stereotypes.

The Secret Lives of Writers is a series of blog posts from writers (published or unpublished) who dish the dirt on how they juggle life and art.

Source: The Secret Lives of Writers – Cassie Newell

What’s the best piece of advice you can give someone who is starting to write?  Comment below and remember sharing is caring, this was you maybe one year, five years or more ago.

Happy Friday! Enjoy the blessings of the weekend.