Once Upon A Lovely Blog Award

Thank you to the lovely and talented Jean Cogdell for my nomination for the Lovely Blog Award this past weekend.  one_lovely_blog_awardI’m honored she enjoys my blog post and encourages me to participate in writing prompts and all the fun on her blog.  If you’re a writer, she has great tips and lots of fun on her page.

This award comes with instruction that I am to tell you 7 facts about myself.

Once Upon A Time…

1. I was a director in 4th grade for our school play Hansel and Gretel.  This began my career of telling others what to do.

2. I had a pet tarantula named Creepy Crawler – “Creepy” for short.  He was found on a dirt road in Oklahoma, where my Dad rescued him in a paper bag and had me ride with him in the back of the truck.  My fear for spiders haven’t changed much but Creepy was cool.

3. I had a mullet hairstyle in middle school, but I swear I rocked it and it was super cute! Business in the front, party in the back.

4. I pretended I was lost boy when I was 6 years old on the Peter Pan boat/ride at Disney Land so that I wouldn’t have to leave, Peter Pan helped me find my parents, which originally I denied I knew where they were.   This started my love of rogue ‘bad’ boys.

5. I swam with sharks at Disney World, it was exciting but scary all at the same time.  My daughters where yelling the entire time, “Don’t Die!” so I guess it worked out for both of us.

6. I love cheese, all kinds, even the stinky ones.  Pair it with a good wine and cracker, I’m in heaven. I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t appreciate.

7. I still have VCR tapes in a box (for those who don’t know, VCR tapes are like DVDs of today but way older/bigger and with actual film, just kidding its tape).  Why I retain these I have no idea, I do hold onto the past from time to time.

Lastly the final requirement, I bestow the ‘Lovely Blog’ award on some new sites I am enjoying via the links below.

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Thanks again, Jean!

Lovely Blog Award – Indeed!

lovely-blogWhat a fantastic way to start the week, receiving this award! Thank you Vik at Manuscript Tunes.  I’m thrilled you enjoy my blog and thought of me for this award.

There are so many bloggers who inspire me and provide community so freely that it makes it special and worth wild.

Directions are simple: Thank the nominator, paste the image, state 7 random facts about yourself, and tag other ~15 {more or less} bloggers. I’ve got 13 to share below, because it’s my hubby’s favorite number, so why not.

7 Random Facts About Me:

1.  I am a fantastic cook, I’m totally gonna boost here.  I don’t really follow a recipe most days, just go with ideas of what will taste good together and I come up with some fantastic meals with very little.  In fact, I’m the grill master in my home.  I’ve had the occasional foul up, but I’m more critical on my cooking than anyone else.  Cooking is love 🙂

2. My birthday is this month and my gift to myself was a 30 day detox to reset my biology.  A hug to my growing older anatomy to say “Yeah, I still got it!”.  I’m heading into week 2 and really doing well so far with no caffeine, gluten, sugar, red meat, alcohol, dairy and toxins.  Whew! It’s gonna be fun.  I dragged my bestie in with me – hopefully she’ll still love me after!

3. I love superhero’s and am a total geek about it too.  My all time favorite superhero is Superman, it’s hard to beat him, Kryptonite be damned!  I was that girl discussing what actors should be in X-men should they ever make it a movie, like 20 years ago – fyi…only Halle Barry made it via my predictions.

4.  I got married on Valentine’s Day over 18 years ago at the city court house.  I wanted to wear a red dress but my mother convinced me not too, because she said it screamed harlot.  My hubby and I are talking about renewing our vows at year 20 and I’m thinking I might wear red.  I mean we have 2 children I don’t think you can call me harlot now can you? Is it all safe? Ha!

5.  I love dance movies! Seriously – Step Up…2…3…4…5 if they make it I will watch it!  I think the first one had me at Channing Tatum, none the less I love them.  I used to love watching the TV show Fame when I was a teenager.  I took dance when I was younger and still shake my tail feather now and then.  Dancing is joy.

6.  I will always choose the book before a movie, but I will always go to see the movie based on a book.  I think of it as a visual guide to the book and try hard not to judge to harshly.  There are times where I can’t get to the book before the movie, and unless I’m really moved I won’t pick up the book.  My teenager is still reeling I didn’t read Hunger Games, but go to the movies with her.  The first book didn’t capture me and I never finished it.

7.  I am working on 2 stories now; #1 is a short story  I wrote from a prompt in Featured Fiction that I’m expanding entitled Haven’s DragonSwain; #2 is a novel about a teenage girl who is kindred to royal witches, set at a new private school in New Orleans.  She doesn’t believe in witches but her powers become unbound that is a siren’s call for those who want her unclaimed power.  It should be a fun NANOWriMo this year! Lots to do, as long as I can keep organized and manage it all.

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