Pop Songs and Love

Handsome and I have a song that speaks to our relationship. Let me clarify that, we have several songs that speak to our relationship, because when you’ve been together over 20 years that tends to happen. However, last year I wrote about that one special fun song as an entry in a contest and it was accepted in the published anthology. The fun tidbit, was it also was my wedding anniversary present to Handsome 20 years!

Have you ever heard a love song and thought, that song is about me and my loved one? Or by chance a song that you had on repeat through a hard time or breakup? Then this fun book is for you. It’s a great collection of essays that speak to; “Everything I Ever Need to Know About Love I Learned From Pop Songs”. 
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I’m thrilled to be included with the other authors in this anthology. Continue that loving feeling by picking up your copy today. The stories are sweet, funny and thoughtful.  Also we love reviews, remember sharing is caring and self publishing thrives by word of mouth.  Discover some hidden gems.

What is your love song that speaks to you? Tell me about your love song in the comments below.  

A Creative Writing Musical Jam Routine

The 55th Grammy awards were held yesterday.  I got caught up in the award show due to the music performances and seeing some of my favorite musicians.  It’s like when I get caught up in a great novel and the words just flow from the pages into my private mental movie of the story.

Music inspires and evokes emotion in people. The right song or melody can help break down barriers, kindle romantic relationships and even serve as a means of expression.

In my past writing courses, I haven’t had a teacher or mentor say listen to a song to help you with this passage or that – but I am starting to think you should. Can integrating music into your creative writing routine enhance the quality of the work you are producing? I tend to think so and here’s why.

I have much respect for the songwriter as I do for those who write short stories and flash fiction.  You only have so much time in a verse and selecting the right word or phrase is key.  Can you imagine Pink’s song So What, dragging out other arguments in a more wordy way?  Such as, we’re not together anymore and I don’t care cuz I’m an awesome rock star and you just suck, but I’m lonely.  Not the punch factor one would like and to an upbeat jam.

I have music playing in the background when I write.  When I am writing a specific scene or want to convey a specific emotion, I can turn to my iTunes and find an artist or song that will get me in the right mood.  Sometimes it’s a lyric that I really need to hear to cue me.  I tend to get more accomplished with music than without.

You can select music from a specified genre or time period.  It maybe one you know or don’t know, but the key isn’t to study the music too specifically but wager the emotion and the inspiration to enhance your process of writing your story.  It’s almost like assembling your own soundtrack or playlist for your practice at hand.  It’s your musical muse at your finger tips.

Do you use music to help you in your creative writing?  Is it integral to your process?

Let’s discuss.

Please comment, I’d like to hear from you if you think music is important or not to your creative writing.

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Why Misheard Lyrics are Good for You

This made me really chuckle, since it’s quite often that me and my girls will often add our own ‘spice’ (i.e., lyrics) to songs. What’s even better is when my 7 yr. old is laughing histaricly at something but admits she has no idea what it means but its funny anyway. Sometimes adding your own spice makes a song better anyway, in my humble opinion. So, you know who you are… I’m no lyric police but let’s ‘Hit the Pea Square’!


Sports (Huey Lewis and the News album) Sports (Huey Lewis and the News album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption

Kim Kircher

Misheard lyrics are high on my awesome-o-meter. This is especially true when other people mishear lyrics, and I catch them doing it. But it is equally awesome when I finally realize the real words to a song. You mean, it’s not Stairway to Kevin’s? Why didn’t someone tell me that earlier? That makes so much more sense now.

I also love the humanity of misheard lyrics. We’ve all had the words wrong to a song before. Even those of us that memorized the lyrics from the album jacket of every new record we bought from Tower Records. One song always slips through, taunting us with a jumbled verse that we usually mumble along with while driving in the car. Then someone hears you and opens their eyes wide in astonishment. “Did you just say, ‘Let’s pee in the corner, let’s pee in the spotlight’?”

That’s when you laugh nervously…

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