How to Enjoy National Poetry Month

Each April is set aside as National Poetry Month every year.  What is the best way to enjoy National Poetry Month?  Some of us go all out and read our favorites and discover new poets.  Others, try our hands at writing and honing in on an art of various poetry styles.

Here are a few ways to enjoy poetry month stress-free.

  1. Take a haiku walk outside.  The haiku form of poetry that is nature inspired and is simple in its form.  Be one with nature and breathe in the rhythm.
  2. Dare to dream and relax.  Poetry speaks to wants, desires and experiences.  Find yours with a simple bubble bath or a rich dessert.
  3. Visit a poetry house, and this doesn’t mean you have to go to a jam session.  A library, cafe, bookstore, and a nook can all be your poetry house as you sit, read, and discover a new poet.

Poetry is like wine.  Some poetry is succulent and beautiful where you pause and slowly consume it.  Some poems serve its purpose directly, whereas others have you yearn for simple juice.  The point is if you have an interest in poetry whether it’s to write it or read it, now is a perfect time to take on this interest.

To learn more about National Poetry Month, click here.

If you’d like to read a few of my amateur poems that I find special you can easily click on their titles below:

Poem: You Deserve

Poem: A Day of Time

Poem: Will You

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Seeking Solace on Sale!

What a great way to celebrate National Poetry Month – get your copy of Seeking Solace By Callum McLaughlin on sale from today until Friday, April 17th. I read this his poetry compilation earlier in the year and gushed over it. Yes, if you were around me in February you heard all about it! Get your inner reader fed with gift of poetry that leaves you fulfilled. It’s well worth your $0.99 and more as you’ll see per my Goodreads review.

Callum McLaughlin

Seeking Solace Seeking Solace

As part of the celebrations for #NationalPoetryMonth, the Kindle version of my poetry book, Seeking Solace, will be on sale from today until Friday 17th. It will be just 99p in the UK or $0.99 in the US, making now a great time to pick up a copy if you are at all interested.

The poems in Seeking Solace were written to be both approachable and relatable, so whether you are new to the genre or looking to expand your collection, I hope you will find something that speaks to you. In either case, there seems no better time to explore the form than during National Poetry Month.

In way of an excerpt, here are a few visual quotes to whet your appetite.

Taken from 'In Memoriam' Taken from ‘In Memoriam’

Taken from 'Grand Cosmos' Taken from ‘Grand Cosmos’

Taken from 'Making Memories' Taken from ‘Making Memories’

Taken from 'Dawn' Taken from ‘Dawn’

Huge thanks to anyone who gives…

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Poetry What Does It All Mean?

Poetry is a subjective creative art form.  At least that is what I remember from my creative writing instructor back in college (ahem, a long time ago).  I recall studying poetry and various poets and being asked what it means.  That is difficult to put in words sometimes, amo_poesia_etiquetas_redondas-r086660e24325415ebb97339dbb088faa_v9waf_8byvr_512especially if you don’t relate to a poem or the poem style is confusing to you.  Not all poems are equal and on the same train of thought, not all poets are equal either.  It’s all about relation and how the words or subject matter move you or make you feel, poetry is personal.  Poetry often brings a few assumptions:

  • A poem is to be read and understood for its “message”.
  • The “message” is often “hidden” in the poem.
  • The words of the poem are symbols which may stand for something else entirely versus the word definition.
  • You need to decipher the poem, word for word, to appreciate and enjoy the poem.

Guess what only a few of these assumptions is true in any one poem.  Not all poetry has a hidden meaning.  Most poets like to use sound of a language or offer an emotional insight by description.  There are so many ways to read and enjoy poetry, and this is reflected mostly by the different styles and objectives of the poets themselves.  I proposed you don’t examine the poetry by dissection, as much as, you enjoy what you do understand and what moves you.

Does that mean that poets are exceptionally deep thinkers and creative individuals?  How do they carry this word and art form, such that it leaves others inspired, breathless or in awe? Not sure I hold the answer to those questions, but I like to think I’m a writer who enjoys dabbling in poetry.  I don’t feel like I can call myself a poet yet, but I certainly enjoy it; reading and writing it.  For me poetry is a quick story with depth of few words with incomplete sentence structure.  I love the visual grabs, the direct meanings that teeter on the edge of the hidden.  The words that melt your soul in submission of an experience you can relate to that brings about an emotion.  I am one who needs that immediate gratification in a poem.  If I’m reading an anthology, I’ll spend more time in review and reflection.

April is National Poetry Month.  Enjoy some poetry by writing or reading.  Below are a few bloggers that I follow and find exceptionally talented, see if they spark for you too. Oh and check out some of my poetry as well. 🙂 Happy National Poetry Month!

Shawn L Bird

Callum McLaughlin

Writings From Dr. Ollie’s Pond

Wuji Seshat Nibada The Poetry Addict

Tea and Paper

The Sixpence at Her Feet

Keith Garrett Poetry

Jessica Torres Your Majessty


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Cassie’s Tip: For those who want to dabble…there is an app called Creative Writer (Dating Edition) that I have on my iphone/ipad that I use for poetry (not dating).  Just something about it and when I’m stuck with finding that perfect word, it provides suggestions to me.  Also an app at your hand when-ever your moved – it’s very convenient.