2015 Tenacity of Desire Mapping

Every January the big question is what are your resolutions for the year.  I became a fan girl of Danielle LaPorte’s when I read her book, The Desire Map, a guide to creating goals with soul.

Me FanGirl-ing Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map - July 2014
Me FanGirl-ing Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map – July 2014

Basically what is does is allows you to figure out how you want to feel, for what you want to accomplish.  Those two can be one in the same in some instances.  However, most likely they are not, and this primarily is why we may be let down when we drive desires by tasks versus feelings and emotions.

For example many people will have a goal to exercise to lose weight, some will stay the course but most will fail.  What do you want from exercising or losing weight? Not just better health – put a feeling to it.  For example I want to feel vibrant and sexy that’s the desire, and you may want to do several things to get there, but the pressure of task is flowing, it might be exercising, it might be buying a new dress, it might be monthly pedicures the desire will evolve over the year it adjusts.  I won’t steal Danielle’s thunder on this, certainly check out her book and website – totally worth it.


My desire mapping is the tenacity I will open wide to what I want, without judgement.  I will create the life I love and share it to make a difference for others.

I hope your tenacity for goals, mapping or resolutions gives you joy this year, even amongst the trying and hard times.  Never be fooled it will all be roses, otherwise how do we grow?

Cheers to you for a great 2015,



Disclosure: I have no association or affiliation under contract indirect or directly with Danielle LaPorte or the book The Desire Map.  As stated above, only a fan girl and when I find something great – heck yea, I’m sharing it for others!

Act Like You’ve Been Here Before

Archery World Cup
Archery World Cup (Photo credit: IntelGuy)

As a new writer, I get that inner critic talking trash in my head.  Those inner critics are evil little demons whether its writing, management or sports.  I read a great book, Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield (www.stevenpressfield.com), and it’s the most influential book I’ve read in a long time!  This book is one I will re-read and just pick up when I need a little reminder and mental kick in the ass.

The book is about the journey of being an amateur to becoming a professional, i.e., Pro.  It’s a mental switch flip that is free to everyone.  When I began my management career, I had a beloved manager mentor me, who didn’t say ‘Fake It Until You Make It’  he said “You know this… Show It and Believe It.”  That took me pretty far.  Next thing I knew I had junior managers looking to me for support, questioning themselves.  My hope is that I’m passing along this wise legacy that is clearly about Turning Pro.

What I find interesting is my solidarity in my management background but not in writing and other vocations/activities.  I am guessing there are several of us out there.  As Steven writes, Turning Pro demands sacrifice but the pay off is grand.

It gives us our voice, our confidence, our  self-respect.

Turning Pro takes work and commitment.  I can’t become a Pilot without training just because I mentally say I am.  I’ll have to have lessons and air time and take the craft seriously.

We are into the New Year where many will make resolutions.  Statistics on the local news indicate that 30% of these resolutions will be broken by end of January and 75% by end of March.  That certainly doesn’t lend to Turning Pro.  So before you make half hearted resolutions…

What do you need in your life or mental switch flip to turn pro? 

What are you going to do to get there?  

 Are you committed or will you become a statistic?

Share your answers, thoughts, comments…

3 Commenters, in random drawing, will receive a copy of Turning Pro by January 30, 2013, it’s my way of paying it forward!