Reader Impact on Pen Names

I’m so excited! I’m working with a  writing coach and on task to produce a   self published YA Novel this year, finally!  It’s a paranormal novel with witches & magic. I am so excited, I’m bursting from the seams as I outline & write. I immediately declared this would go under my pen name. My reasoning to separate from my current professional life.  Pen names always bring about discussion. The purpose & need as an author, so on and so on. One topic missing is what about the reader? I’m a reader and consumer of books, I put on my reader hat and asked the question, does it matter to me if a beloved book is written via pen name or real name?  Do I feel cheated in any way as a reader?

I don’t think so. I’m a fan of JR Ward’s, Black Dagger Brotherhood, like many who love paranormal romance. Was I pissed off when I learned she wrote contemporary romances under the pen Jessica Bird? No, I was pumped that I had knowledge to get her earlier work. As a fan of hers I wasn’t deterred but more on the side of grateful I could find her talented work elsewhere. Maybe if it had been the other way around I would have felt differently? Im not sure.

Comment below: As a reader how do you feel about author pen names? Does it matter to you? 

April Showers Bring Book Releases and Crutches

Wow, I’m on a reading frenzy lately.  What is it, the spring season for book releases?


I actually had to decide which favorite author/book series I would read first because they were released on the same day!! Seriously.  Any avid reader feels my pain and struggle.  Unless your the type who can read more than one book at a time (reference books don’t count by the way) and I am not that person.


I’m a one story at a time kinda gal, old fashioned I know.  It was quite diabolical, and a choice was made.


I really enjoy a good fiction story that takes me on an adventure in my own private movie showing.  Those stories are the best, especially as TV winds down all the season finales.  It’s also part research for me, because as a writer you should be a reader as well – or so says Stephen King and I agree.

My problem lately is that it seems to be a crutch not to write, cause I’d rather read.  I suppose it’s a fine line.

Comment below on your crutches or book releases – on the same day *shaking fist 


5 Things Readers Want from Novelists on Social Media

Great post, I’m pressing out to my writer friends, Enjoy!
Merry Christmas!

5 Things Readers Want from Novelists on Social Media.