Pop Songs and Love

Handsome and I have a song that speaks to our relationship. Let me clarify that, we have several songs that speak to our relationship, because when you’ve been together over 20 years that tends to happen. However, last year I wrote about that one special fun song as an entry in a contest and it was accepted in the published anthology. The fun tidbit, was it also was my wedding anniversary present to Handsome 20 years!

Have you ever heard a love song and thought, that song is about me and my loved one? Or by chance a song that you had on repeat through a hard time or breakup? Then this fun book is for you. It’s a great collection of essays that speak to; “Everything I Ever Need to Know About Love I Learned From Pop Songs”. 
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I’m thrilled to be included with the other authors in this anthology. Continue that loving feeling by picking up your copy today. The stories are sweet, funny and thoughtful.  Also we love reviews, remember sharing is caring and self publishing thrives by word of mouth.  Discover some hidden gems.

What is your love song that speaks to you? Tell me about your love song in the comments below.  

Pucker Up: Writing a Kissing Scene

Great post on how to writing a good kissing scene. It always seems effortless as a reader but as a writer it’s more involved than you would think. Excellent tips on the pucker up & snogging routine.

OOOs and OOh… (Lux Series 1-5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

So I just read the entire Lux series books 1-5 in 13 days, loved it and of course like a book nerd, sad it’s over! Basically what you’re getting is a YA (Young Adult), SciFi, Romance book. If you’re not a fan of these types of books, you most likely won’t enjoy it, but if you are – jackpot.

This series is about Katy moving and starting her senior year in a new school in a small West Virginia town. She is a blogger and book nerd, therefore 14743935I completely love her character (there are other reasons to like Katy too). Her neighbors are a bit different, they are twins Dee and Daemon Black, they are aliens and not Alf mind you – yep, you guessed it the beautiful kind. But wait, they have personalities and fun quirky ones at that.

Complications, adventures, character growth, story arcs; it’s got it all. I really enjoyed books 1-2 and the hook was in me, by book 3 – forgetta about-it, I was/am a complete fan. Reminder, I read them back to back as my own personal mental movie series for the last 13 days and yes, I have a full time job and family to attend too☺.  Let’s not be petty tho on the attention of ordering pizza or other shortcuts that may have occurred during this time period, I plead the fifth.

So brass tacks – this is the reading order and behind each link you’ll find my Goodreads review, along with my favorite quotes from each book. Yes, most of them are sarcastic quotes from Daemon.

Presenting the OOOs & OOhs:
Obsidian (book 1)
Onyx (book 2)
Opal (book 3) Totally my favorite!
Origin (book 4) A close 2nd to being my favorite… ☺
Opposition (book 5) All things must end, epic conclusion and I certainly enjoyed the ride.

Are you reading the Lux series or are you in process of reading any of these? If not, put on your ‘to read’ list.

Did you like this post/review, if so let me know below with a like or share.  All comments welcome, did you like or dislike these books? Any series that you gush about that might be similar you’d recommend? I love getting new books to read 😉

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Leo by Mia Sheridan

17608346Rating 4 out of 5 stars

A beautiful romance crafted by the talented author Mia Sheridan.  This is the 2nd book I’ve read this year written by the author and I really enjoy her writing style.  This book stands alone and is a quick read at less than 200 pages.  I personally, engulfed it in less than 24 hours.

What I really liked about this book, was the premise of young love that shaped Evie, the main character, and the back and forth between her youth with Leo and adulthood with Jake, Leo’s friend.  Never a dull moment in this book lots of good twists that I dare not spoil.  It’s one to add to your ‘reading list’ for sure.

Click on my Goodreads Review for a more detailed summary on the book.

There were a ton of fantastic quotes that I enjoyed from this story, but the best is:


“After a minute, I look up and the boy named Leo is staring at me. I stare back, but he doesn´t look away. “Why are you looking at me?” I hiss at him, my cheeks turning hot, filled with shame for the exchange he just heard.

He just keeps looking at me for a moment, and then he shrugs. “Because I like your face,” he says, but now a corner of his mouth is quirking up in a half smile.” ― Mia Sheridan, Leo

Ahh, this quote is a girly girl swoon moment… Oh Leo!

Okay I can’t resist, here are a few more quotes to enjoy:

“Sticks and stones and fists CAN break your bones, but it’s the words that break your heart.” ― Mia Sheridan, Leo

“I think that 95 percent of knowing you’re the greatest is all about confidence. You might suspect you’re the greatest, you might hope you’re the greatest, but if you don’t have the balls to proclaim yourself the greatest in bold packaging, and let your critics test you if they dare, then you probably aren’t the greatest. Who can resist the guy who really, truly believes in himself?” ― Mia Sheridan, Leo

“And the thing about falling in love is that no matter where you are when it happens, you can’t help but to color those moments with beauty,even if you’re in a location of ugliness. He made what would have been a place of nightmares into a place to dream.” ― Mia Sheridan, Leo

*     *      *

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