Novel Revision Strategies: Printing for Read-Through

Wow – it’s the last month of the year. This year has been an adventure. I completed my first NOVEL!! I’m excited and exhausted.

I took a small break and now I’m in the throws of the editing and revision process. I completed my first read through and realized the first half is crap, but then the last half was surprisingly not awful. WIN!

Now it’s time management and the process of getting through my novel so that I can move along to my goal of self-publishing. I came across Elissa Field’s post and she provides great tips, techniques, and references for those in the editing process like me.

Sharing is caring so enjoy! Let me know in the comments any edit tidbits you’d like to share with me – inspiration is always welcomed.


Tips for Making Training Courses Worth Wild for Indie Authors

I attended a free WebEx training several days ago in the hopes of learning something about book launches. I was dismayed at all the generalities of the training that was presented. No major bits of training nuggets that I haven’t read or seen before.

I’ve seen a lot of this lately with author entrepreneurs who are out there providing a course and sharing knowledge that in turn the

online training word cloud with related tags

call to action is Buy-Buy-Buy the package of additional course content. I don’t mind this happy to support, but in order for me to buy, make the training worth wild and not just your advertising marketing show.  It’s a fine balance and there are a few out there that do a great job at this.

Here are three tips that I’ve noticed in training’s I really enjoy that make training course content better for attendees like me:

1. Present a Case Study.

It may not be to all audience members, however, it’s all relatable and it’s important to those who don’t know you yet it showcases your expertise. Let us see behind the curtain if we buy into your course.

2. Give the Goods.

Okay, you don’t want to give all the training knowledge away then pick a point of the course and take a deep dive and showcase all that specific content. Peak-a-boo training all the way through to get me to buy your course kit, gets annoying. Show attendees that yes, it’s worth their time. Got to give, to get.

3. Give Aways.

Pick an attendee and give away something on the spot in the Live WebEx. Keep your audience in attendance. It’s great when it a high-value item, but the premium of your training is just as great too! Your attendees may think that iPad is awesome, but we were sold to attend the training on the topic you’re presenting.

I realize this blog post is specific to those who attend and present indie author course content, however, I think it’s relatable to most training.

What are other tips that you would recommend and want to see from training courses your attending?

My Passion Project, The Contest Is Completed!

My passion project is realized, completed and a success! Wow what an exciting day to say, I DID IT! Holla.

I developed and produced (with the help of my esteemed Judges and my awesome hubby) the inaugural eBook Me Up Short Story Contest.  This project came about as an outlet to give back to the writing community.  I had been thinking on this for two years while I participated in blog prompts and other contest outlets myself.  I took the K30 challenge with Kristen Eckstein, aka The Book Ninja, earlier this year and put the call into action (great course definitely recommend).

The output of this contest includes our compilation eBook entitled, Rise Above, which features the short stories of our Top Ten winners.  Top prizes for our contest included cash awards to 1st and 2nd places with author biographies in the eBook for 1st-3rd place.  We have published Rise Above on Amazon today – Get your copy HERE! The funds from those who purchase, Rise Above, support the annual contest and future contests.


Each story is < 3000 words.  The category for the short story entries was open, so there is a little bit of everything in this book.  Our first place winner, Moroni by Robert Walton, inspired our cover for the compilation eBook.  It’s a well-crafted story that is sure to entertain you.

It was great fun and a wonderful learning experience.  I was able to connect with talented writers and learned that my financial investment in this project did not outweigh the value I gained.  I didn’t have outside sponsors for this contest, which I hope to gain in the future because it can start to add up budget wise.  However, I learned that I can do a decent job on a book cover, as well as, formatting for ePublication.  I was hands on and had great judges who were hands on as well.  A special shout out to Rene Averett, who put in time editing with me.

I hope you can support my project, by the purchase of Rise Above and honor the winners of the contest.  If you have an interest in joining upcoming contests, please join the eBook Me Up’s mailing list.  I hate spam, so you only get notices when something ‘real’ is going on.

Congratulations to our Top Ten Winners, in random order:
Robert Walton, Alan D Harris, Joao Cerqueria, Julia Church, Patricia Crandall, Michael Wettengel, Crystal LeFevre, Mary H Fox, Christina Loy and Matt Micheli.

Writing your novel this summer? Here are 6 no-fail tips for self-publishers

Great tips for those, like myself, who are writing this summer with the intent of self-publishing.

Kobo Writing Life

By BlueInk Review

As summer kicks into full gear, many are taking the time to write that novel or memoir they’ve been planning to get to for years. If you’re aiming to self-publish, it’s important to put your best foot forward.

At BlueInk Review we’ve written professional reviews of thousands of indie books and talked to countless authors. And we’ve seen too many of those authors make the same mistakes. It’s time to put down the umbrella drink, buckle down and focus on the frequently overlooked essentials.

In the coming months, resolve to:

Hyre a kopee editer to currect your spilling, gremmer and punctchatiaon.

Have some trouble reading that? Let us recap in better English: Hire a copy editor to correct my spelling, grammar and punctuation.

You might laugh, but this is the kind of spelling we come across far too often. If you ignore all the other resolutions, we…

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