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Interesting topic and article that was well written that I’m sharing.  If you can’t say it differently or really add, I say ‘press it’ and post it to share.  It’s something to consider on self publication for sure, and this new opportunity of free form internet for artists, writers, bloggers, journalist, and entrepreneurs.

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Are Self-Publishers Lazy?

Interesting blog for my fellow writers (click link below)! I haven’t given a lot of thought to self publishing versus query submissions with a bonafide publisher as of yet.  That said, I have read self published series/novels/short stories on my kindle and even follow a few authors with great enjoyment.  For me it’s about the story not the marketing, case in point I never got into the Hunger Games or 50 Shades of Gray although I did sample a few chapters (love love love that kindle option!).  What’s your stance on this? Lastly, let’s help out a fellow author and check out the short story!!

Are Self-Publishers Lazy?.