Senior Prom 1991 Sonnet – Featured Fiction 10

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To be brave and ask her to the school dance;

My heart is thumping, and pulse is racing,

Sweat is peaking, and legs are shaking;

My approach is now, I dare the chance.

Her smile is friendly that gives me the cue;

Starting is weak, about a test in last class,

It was lame,and now I’m choking on glass;

The sigh she nods, deceives this won’t fall through.

The comic I am, I theatrically reach for her hand,

Twirling her in a dancers dip, her eyes twinkle a glow;

Confidence strikes, student applause grow.

The dance is the question, her answer grand;

A parachute saves my falling heart, months past the dance

Lest my diary prediction, one day a wedding band.

*     *     *

I hope you enjoyed my Sonnet.  It’s written for entry in Featured Fiction 10 contest.  Featured word challenge accepted: Diary, Parachute, Comic.

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