Monica Lewinsky The First to Experience CyberBullying

During my morning tea time just prior to starting my work day, I do my usual perusing of social media and such to see what is going on for the day etc… I came across a blog regarding Monica Lewinsky.  I read it and watched Monica’s speech at TED.  Wow! The video and the blog had me thinking quite a bit this morning.  I just saw on the local news last night how a teen ended their life due to cyber bullying, and here you see how it began and Monica as she states, was patient zero just before the social media machine took flight.

I worry for my young girls in this day in age about social media and such.  It’s difficult as a parent to protect your kids without suffocating them, while allowing them controlled freedoms to be the ‘typical’ kid that is now defined by society.  I’m thankful to have not made a mistake that was captured by video or picture that was seen around the world.

What I do think is that the news, or better yet, infotainment as coined by Boston Legal’s-Alan Shore, has perpetuated what we’ve come to accept as reality.  I don’t have the answer for any of this, by I do feel that just because you have open access to communicate, connect and share doesn’t mean you always should.  There is a responsibility to it, although most kids and a few adults if still reading, I assume are rolling their eyes at me.  Compassion is what Monica speaks to, have we lost it as a nation? Do we give it as freely as we should? Judgment with gavels passed off as innocent opinions seem more available now days in the social media machine.  How do we change that?

Below is the link to the blog I read, by the fabulous Diane Lee, and the TED Video.

Monica Lewsinsky’s mistake was not that she slept with Bill Clinton, but that she trusted him. I would’ve made the same mistake.

via Monica Lewinsky: I would’ve made the same mistake too….

CONTEST You say… Calling All Writers!

Have you heard about this fantastic Short Story contest at eBook Me Up yet? I feel like I’ve been overwhelming social media as I can about it. It’s an event I’m hosting, and I’m very excited my idea is coming to fruition.  To learn more about the eBook Me Up Contest Logosubmission details click HERE, we are looking for more submissions before the deadline May 31, 2015.

I had this idea well over a year ago, as I started participating in various blog prompts and became more active in my writing and the blogging community of talented writers. From years of writing, the short story is a love of mine. I had a writing coach that told me once if I could master the short story I could master the novel. At the time, I had blinders on for the novel, so I ate up opportunities to better myself with short stories. Then I was hooked; I love the immediate satisfaction of a good solid short story. The orchestrated sentences and words that move it forward in a flash without the preverbal fat of unnecessary scenes. Short stories are great for building up your writing skill sets. This is why I choose it as my first hosted  contest.

My goal is to host a contest for writers that would showcase talents and enable the further publication to those writers. It could be a forum for a writer to write a short story that could link back to a novel or other work in a similar genre. It gives a writer experience and practice. It’s in a forum for beginners and advanced writers, and the genre is open (excluding Erotica). This is where the original contest prizes were born from, helping writers be seen and published. The top 10 entries will be published in the short story contest anthology. The first 3 winners will have further showcases in the anthology along with Cash Prizes! Also there are no losers, all those who submit will get an e-copy of the anthology.  To find out more about the contest or submit click HERE.

I realized pretty quickly there would be more details I needed to sort out along the way. The first is I wanted a legitimate contest, not my own personal bubble, so I secured some GREAT judges. In fact, I won’t be a judge in this contest unless there is a tie, and I’m needed, otherwise I’m a host, facilitator, e-publisher and proud owner only.

Have you met the Judges?

Below is a brief on the judges, more on the Judges you can find their full biographies and social media contacts HERE.



Diane Lee is the published author of the Love & Other Stuff series and Queen Bee at Delicious Publishing. A former English teacher, she now works part-time in corporate learning and development.






Laura Roberts writes about sex, travel, writing, and ninjas – though not necessarily in that order. Laura is also the founding editor of the literary magazine Black Heart.







Melissa Barker-Simpson has published six books, each of which form part of a series. She is also an active collaborator to the blogging community.







Rene Averett is a writer, blogger, editor and creator of Pynhavyn Press, a small writers’ press for primarily digital publishing. Her well-known blog is full with recipes, healthy eating tips and a little bit about her weight loss success.






Andrea Laurel is a certified combat active firefighter with the Plantation Fire Department and later became a certified Emergency Medical Technician-Basic. She loves to read and is looking forward to this new experience.



I’m beyond thrilled these lovely ladies are apart of the eBook Me Up Short Story contest.  They each bring a diverse background that is sure to add to the contest flavor.

If you’ve once thought you might enter a contest but haven’t, this is the one! If you’re a seasoned professional and looking for fun with great return, enter this contest.  Lastly, if you have writer friends that would have interest, point them here and share this blog with them.  Help us out in making this a well robust contest!

I’m thrilled with the entries so far, and I’m looking forward to more entries.


5 Things Readers Want from Novelists on Social Media

Great post, I’m pressing out to my writer friends, Enjoy!
Merry Christmas!

5 Things Readers Want from Novelists on Social Media.

Dear Sexy Awesome You

UnknownIt was one year ago, when I had a conversation with my sister when she suggested I start blogging.  I don’t remember the conversation as vividly as I would have in my youth, but it was something to the effect of “Get out there”.

Then the question was, what I am going to blog about.  The initial idea came because of my writing.  I am a book lover and in turn began an adventure in writing several years ago.  I have been taking classes and learning more about the craft but not really putting myself out there until this blog.

What do I ‘professionally’ know about writing and what could I give out there that would be helpful to others?

Then it hit me, lightening struck.  I do know a lot about Project Management and Leadership.  This is my day job, has been for almost a decade and guess what, some would say I am quite good at it.  Therein my platform for blogging was born.  I was going to write a little about me and my southern roots, writing, project management and leadership.

The gauntlet was thrown.  Now what the heck to name this blog?

This is where my lovely husband got involved and through our brainstorming ‘My Etch-A-Sketch Life’ was born.  It summed it up well for me.  We have lived many places, our lives taking many courses and through it all it’s been an adventure in which I continue to seek new experiences.  It’s frightening and exhilarating all at the same time, which explains my love of roller coasters.

Then my sister said get on twitter!  Social media this and link it all up was her comment to me.  Let me say, twitter was intimating at first, but that medium is addictive to me now.  I love twitter.  It’s pop culture with opinions and content in a brief format that for those with attention disorders or those in a hurry (like me) can pursue and enjoy quickly.

Gosh, that little sister of mine has really taught this old gal some new things!

So here I am one year later and evolving, and boy, you can tell from post to post.  I am updating my web page for my blog, adding more pages of content and having a great time doing it and connecting with all of you.  I love to read all the blogs I link back to, some for kicks and giggles, others for learning more about the things I enjoy.  My hope is you continue to check in from time to time and enjoy this blog as the evolution continues over 2013.

My ideas are over flowing and I hope to venture further and take you with me – stay tuned! This ride is just beginning.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Muwha, ya all.