NANO You, NANO Me, 1 Month in Counting!

In just a few short weeks it will be the start of National Novel Writing Month (NANO).  Are you ready? I’m there.  I am going to finish my 1st draft this year, this November; the gauntlet is thrown (hopefully it won’t boomerang back at my head!).  This is my first go at NANO and I’m totally pumped.

Many people say that they want to write, but really the satisfaction is to those who finish.  You may have heard of the novel made into a movie, ‘Water for Elephants’ by Sara Gruen – yep NANO.

Alrighty then, what do you need to do, to get your writing on?  And why am I already talking about this in October? Well, for me, I’m getting my butt in gear to mentally prep and plot.  My goal is butt in chair, write and finish this stinking 1st draft that haunts me – recent deadline passed, argh!  I might write before the actual start, hooray me if I get a little ahead, as that doesn’t happen too often.

NANO ( starts November 1-30 and the challenge is to write your novel and/or complete 50,000 words.  The best part it’s free!  You create an account and connect with a community of like-minded individuals who are working on their stories that have been in progress or those first timers who are taking a dip in the pool to flex their writing muscles.  It’s a great opportunity to meet others and connect.

It’s a built-in deadline and contest for all ages globally, with the prize of self-satisfaction of completing your novel.  It started in 1999 and last year there where over 340,000 participants and over 38,000 winners (i.e., completing the word count goal)! Lots of success to be found, many of these novels found publishers and have been self-published.

Comment below – Will you be joining NANO this year? Have you participated in NANO before, if so what’s your experience? Will you complete your writing goals this year?  I sure hope so, I love to read and it would be a shame not to have your story out there because you didn’t finish it.

In the words of Wayne Gretzky “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

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Act Like You’ve Been Here Before

Archery World Cup
Archery World Cup (Photo credit: IntelGuy)

As a new writer, I get that inner critic talking trash in my head.  Those inner critics are evil little demons whether its writing, management or sports.  I read a great book, Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield (, and it’s the most influential book I’ve read in a long time!  This book is one I will re-read and just pick up when I need a little reminder and mental kick in the ass.

The book is about the journey of being an amateur to becoming a professional, i.e., Pro.  It’s a mental switch flip that is free to everyone.  When I began my management career, I had a beloved manager mentor me, who didn’t say ‘Fake It Until You Make It’  he said “You know this… Show It and Believe It.”  That took me pretty far.  Next thing I knew I had junior managers looking to me for support, questioning themselves.  My hope is that I’m passing along this wise legacy that is clearly about Turning Pro.

What I find interesting is my solidarity in my management background but not in writing and other vocations/activities.  I am guessing there are several of us out there.  As Steven writes, Turning Pro demands sacrifice but the pay off is grand.

It gives us our voice, our confidence, our  self-respect.

Turning Pro takes work and commitment.  I can’t become a Pilot without training just because I mentally say I am.  I’ll have to have lessons and air time and take the craft seriously.

We are into the New Year where many will make resolutions.  Statistics on the local news indicate that 30% of these resolutions will be broken by end of January and 75% by end of March.  That certainly doesn’t lend to Turning Pro.  So before you make half hearted resolutions…

What do you need in your life or mental switch flip to turn pro? 

What are you going to do to get there?  

 Are you committed or will you become a statistic?

Share your answers, thoughts, comments…

3 Commenters, in random drawing, will receive a copy of Turning Pro by January 30, 2013, it’s my way of paying it forward!

Internet Artist

Interesting topic and article that was well written that I’m sharing.  If you can’t say it differently or really add, I say ‘press it’ and post it to share.  It’s something to consider on self publication for sure, and this new opportunity of free form internet for artists, writers, bloggers, journalist, and entrepreneurs.

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I AM a WRITER, Sam I am

I have labeled myself as an aspiring writer for the last few years and it dawned on me after reading, Sage Cohen’s article “10 Ways to Harness Fear & Fuel Your Writing” that, HELLO – I am a writer!  Revelation here, good grief, I write a blog, gotten involved with social media i.e, Facebook and Twitter.  I’ve even been published from my day job in clinical research.  This isn’t rocket science, or is it? Why am I so hard-headed here?

Some feel it’s a matter of being published by a publishing company with marketing and agents etc… Certainly that is a goal, but most of us are publishing via the web to the masses and writing in our various forms and methods to get to that pentacle point of approaching publications by others in various methods.  Essentially we are mastering our craft, our love (and sometimes hate) of writing and telling a story.  Me, my goal is publication on my creative writing and learning more on various types of writing.

#7 of the article by Cohen says to ‘do what scares you because it scares you’.

This gave me pause for thought.  It’s not about being reckless and doing something that would cause you harm.  It’s about tackling that nasty inner critic that we all have.  Whether it’s writing or sports, we all have doubts in our own abilities, it’s easier to believe the negative than the positive.  So we have to tackle these challenges by forging ahead and seeing the positive.  It’s that drive you have that keeps you going, and before long your gaining self-confidence.  Your honing your skill set and working harder to achieve your goals.  Your putting yourself out there and giving it a shot.

Are you doing what scares you? Are you putting yourself out there?

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