June – Write a Page a Day Challenge

I came across and interesting challenge, in which you write a page a day for the month of June. Sounds a little crazy, right? So I said heck yea, I’m in!

Author. Old School Writer

Nothing to verbose in the details mind you, on the ‘how to’s’ of one page a day. Doesn’t mean you have to stop at one page, but at a minimum you’re putting in the effort of at least a page. Now, if your one of those types that need a bit of direction as to what one page equals here you go:

One page will equal the US standard of 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper or computer screen, double spaced and typed is equal to about 500 words. Granted depending on word use and font selected it could be less or a few more.

How I will go about this challenge isn’t some long winded novel exercise, that will stress me out. I will tackle a few blogs, poetry, and short stories. Write some non-fiction along the way as well. My only rule, it’s not for my day job it’s got to be outside of it (i.e., non-fiction catergory).

What will I get out of it? Besides pure joy that I did it. The plan is a compilation of short stories to either further develop or tune up for ePublication. I have this idea a few shorts on a particular topic would be fun since I’ve been reading those lately. Also, I’m getting in the habit of more writing versus weekend flights of fancy. The day job has been a killer on my time lately along with other priorities of life.

So are you crazy enough to join me? What would you want to accomplish a page a day?

April Showers Bring Book Releases and Crutches

Wow, I’m on a reading frenzy lately.  What is it, the spring season for book releases?


I actually had to decide which favorite author/book series I would read first because they were released on the same day!! Seriously.  Any avid reader feels my pain and struggle.  Unless your the type who can read more than one book at a time (reference books don’t count by the way) and I am not that person.


I’m a one story at a time kinda gal, old fashioned I know.  It was quite diabolical, and a choice was made.


I really enjoy a good fiction story that takes me on an adventure in my own private movie showing.  Those stories are the best, especially as TV winds down all the season finales.  It’s also part research for me, because as a writer you should be a reader as well – or so says Stephen King and I agree.

My problem lately is that it seems to be a crutch not to write, cause I’d rather read.  I suppose it’s a fine line.

Comment below on your crutches or book releases – on the same day *shaking fist 


A Bad Fu€king Word Called Laziness

It’s been awhile since I wrote blog.  I guess you could say I’ve been a little busy with the summer.  Although when a I had a few minutes to get on it, I embodied this catchy tune…


This has me pondering the term lazy.  Was I really being lazy this summer by not running myself ragged? By taking my moments of relaxation where I could get it?

beats-meYeah, I didn’t really see anything wrong with it.  I mean a person can spend all their time and be just where they were before without any upside.


There is a lot of TV shows out there that I needed to catch up on – DVR & Netflix, miracle or devil?  New movies to be seen, and we all know summer block busters are an important piece of our US economy and I needed to play my part in helping out.

Then the wake up call…


Like all wake up calls, it freaking hurt! I’m not kidden, sore muscles for days, literally. All because I hired a trainer to get my fat butt moving, but thats another story…

Okay so now I’m moving and grooving.  My book deadline, what happened to that? Oh right, I took my summer break so it’s time to get my arse in gear. (Yes, love that scottish accent now say it again, arse *shivers up my spine)


I’m revving up getting back into the saddle by writing my blog and attacking my book that has been ignored for way too long. I felt justified reading this summer in place of my writing because you can’t be a good writer if your not a reader!  If you disagree with that statement, your just lying to yourself, seriously.


So it’s debatable if my definition of being lazy was truly being lazy, or just a pause in gearing up for my knock it out of the park, last half of the year.  However, I did notice all the bloggers tend to slow it down a little for summer too so I would say I’m in the club.  The best advice comes from a fish…


Are you all ready to kick it in gear? What are you going to do to keep swimming and stay motivated?

Love to hear from you in the comments below – cuz hell, sometimes I need the advice too!! 🙂


YOU BLOCK HEAD and other writer myths

Lucy pulls back the football
Lucy pulls back the football (Photo credit: niallkennedy)

Writers block.  It’s the sweaty palms of a teenage boy approaching a girl to ask her out on a date.  It’s the panic of the cursor just steadily blinking at you. It’s the knotted stomach of insecurity telling you to do something – anything.

All you really need is a swift kick in the pants.  It’s like Lucy pulling the football away from good ol’ Charlie Brown.  Lucy does this every-time, why would Charlie think it was going to be different? It’s the same with writing.

I curse those writers who say, oh I just sat down and started typing and wa’la a novel is done and dusted.  Calling it out – bullsh*t.  I have tried that and quickly learned that was me just gearing up for the fun ahead.  Its a part of any process – BRAINSTORM.  Write to your hearts content and write some more.  Let the pen, the keyboard take you in unchartered waters.  However, the end never really happens until you stop and plot the course.

Writers block is only a symptom of not following a system from conception – design (plotting) – research – composition.  When you don’t stop to plan once you get that fantastic idea going this leaves a writer trying to do at least four of these things all at the same time – in their head.  That’s like trying to build a car while driving it.  This would ‘block’ anyone about anything.  Then there’s the obvious point with the car, you won’t be able to get from point A to point B if your still building the car.

How do I know this? Been there done that.  Ah, heck I still do this from time to time.  What’s important is recognizing what your doing then getting onto what you “need” to do.  So don’t be a BLOCK HEAD and think your stuck, step back and start your design and stop the free writing for a minute.  Throw something at the wall, see if it sticks then let that artist in you prep the room for the makeover and build a story.

Anyone having a block head moment? What’s your plan to get out of it? Share/Comment – Looking forward to the discussion.