The Secret Lives of Writers

I’m a contributing writer to this lovely anthology about what it’s like to be a writer – while doing everything else… I feel sometimes like a hero with a cape at night getting my word count in and finishing a great scene, that is until early morning school time – then I feel like the dead in need of a strong caffeinated beverage. Get your copy it’s only $0.99 until 9/1 if you want to know more about the glorious life behind the page – 🙂

The Secret Lives of Writers


How to Stay Motivated in Your Writing

I’ve been struggling lately with my edits and rewrites.  What is boils down to isn’t necessarily time, its motivation.  I’m in a little rut with a timeline that’s looming and I can’t seem to get in gear, I’d rather spend time with the family or get to bed at a decent hour and try for 6 hours sleep over 4.  It’s awful my excuses, I think we all go through it.  I came across this article and it hit the nail on the head for me and it may do the same for you, therefore, I’m sharing below.

I’m making the time and pushing through a particular section in my book today.  At least I’m well rested today 🙂

Let me know below how you stay motivated in your writing or editing process – sharing is caring and inspiration is free.


Sometimes you’re not in the mood to write, but you know that you should.  Maybe you’ve set a goal and hope to reach it, or you’re on a deadline.  Here are a few strategies that you can use to get s…

Source: Getting Started – David Farland | Story Doctor

Distracted Much?

Social Media Outposts

Today, I had every intention of siting at my desk to hammer out a couple of ideas for my new writing courses.  What new short stories ideas could I muster?  I could start my next ‘scene’ assignment due mid-December.  Guess what happened?  DISTRACTIONS.  I enjoy social media and web-surfing and my 2 hours were quickly dwindled away with all kinds of activities, none of them focusing on my goal of writing.  The closest I got was web surfing some of my favorite writing sites and purchasing some new books.

Do you have this problem, where you don’t have an immediate idea or step in process to take ,and get distracted?  If so how do you deal?

Share, Comment – Look forward to hearing from you!

Explore your writing persona

I was catching up on my WordPress Reader and came across a great blog this evening about your writing persona (link: Explore your writing persona).  Right now my persona is just my personal best and educational adventure.  Essentially it’s plain ol’ me the good, the bad and the ugly.