Looks good on you & works wonders within you. @NYROrganic_US

Looks good on you & works wonders within you. @NYROrganic_US.

It’s a departure from my typical blog content but I wanted to share this.  Click on the link above to learn more about NYROrganic and a journey toward glowing skin.  I am paying more attention to the synthetic aspects of our everyday products – not all are bad, but many are not helpful either.  Give this a read and if your looking for a good natural skin care products.  I am excited to receive my aromatherapy order!! Enjoy.


Gimmee a RC Cola and a Moon Pie

English: A Moon Pie made by the Chattanooga Ba...

In my first few years of marriage to my lovely husband he received a gift from my family at Christmas one year.  It was a tee-shirt that said “RC Cola and Moon Pie, It’s a Southern Thing”.  The gesture that indoctrinated my mid-west hubby into the southern state of mind.  I am not completely sure of the origin but guessing the song “Gimmee a RC Cola and a Moon Pie” certainly started the trend back in the 1950s.

It’s usually around the fall season when I start thinking about that chocolate, graham cracker, marshmallow goodness.  I haven’t drank RC cola in years, but have a enjoyed a Moon Pie on a recent occasion.  Certainly the taste does pair well with a caramel colored soda beverage of your choosing.  RC cola is a little harder to come by up here in the Northeast where I am currently living.

I remember as a kid visiting family in Chattanooga, TN (home of the Moon Pie) and getting these as a treat.  Fond memories joking and goofing with my cousin’s at my Granny’s house.  One year as an adult, my Grandpa (Papa Joe) sent me a box of Moon Pies for Christmas.  Much to the chagrin of my Mother that was the year I learned Moon Pies come in all kinds of flavors – go figure the evolving adolescent tastes of the Moon Pie connoisseur.

There are similar versions of Moon Pie in the Northeast called Mallomars and Wagon Wheels.  I am guessing they are good treats as well, however, there’s only room for one in my southern lil heart.

Are you a Moon Pie lover?  If so what’s your flavor? Or is there another regional goody you were brought up to enjoy?

Looking forward to your comments & the discussion

Uni-Tasker Is Not an Ugly Word

“They threw rocks at him and called him a multi-tasker!  Can you believe it?  Like anyone can do more than one thing at a time successfully, give me a break.  Who do they think he is some super computer robot?” She said sarcastically.

He gave her a cross look as he finished his text message while listening to her drone on about his driving, in suggestion she had gone to far. “It must have been user error”

Smelling the roses
Smelling the roses (Photo credit: Ed.ward)
  • How many web tabs and programs do you have open right now? What other distractions are around you?
  • Have you said “I’m listening” to a friend and/or colleague while simultaneously typing a text message or reading an e-mail?

Part of the blame is the culture that’s been created from the attitude “I need it now”. People who think they are great at multitasking are usually the worst at it.  The reason is that they are less likely to realize the mistakes they are making.  Practice DOES NOT make perfect when doing several things at once. If there is a continuous speed to switching to and fro in a task, you lose the ability to think strategically and solve complex issues.  You will miss the scent of the proverbial rose sort of speak.

Take the time for yourself and others to know when to stop multitasking, that is the important skill to master!

So how will you avoid falling into the black hole of multi-tasking?

Like – Comment – Share, I look forward to the discussion.

SS: Be the water Not the Rock

English: Rock waterfall in the north fork of t...

I received this helpful advise many years ago from a former colleague, it is proving to be apropos lately, so on behalf of Sharing Saturday:

– When you’ve been waiting for a specific parking space and another car cuts you off to get in the space. (This could be specific to any traffic situation – but darn you lady at the local Target!!)


– When your watching your favorite TV program and the cable and/or satellite signal goes out.  (OR when your DVR messes up –  Come on!  Where are we with Once Upon a Time – who is the writer dude and what’s with the well ???)


– When someone at work criticizes your performance over something you have no control over. (Seriously, I didn’t develop this process you did – it’s an ineffective process!)


– When you discover your new favorite sweater that you’ve been wearing all day has a hole in it.  (It’s a hole in the seam, but still that bites!)

BE THE WATER NOT THE ROCK – basically it’s not the end of the world, just keep on going…